Category: Quotes

  • BREAKING: “Stone the flamin’ crows” actual saying

    According to Ray Meagher anyway.

  • Irish in the Bay alert!

    There’s going to be an Irish girl in Home and Away. But, what’s more, she’s engaged to real-life Kane! IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO THE BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • And…she’s gone

    And…she’s gone

    Well, that’s that. For a moment, there was a glimmer of hope that Colleen might not jet off to Las Vegas, but in the end, she went. John Palmer made sure to get a squeeze before she departed. Alf sent an email that tugged at the heartstrings terribly. Even Morag showed up. Farewell, Miss Groper!…

  • Irene advises Will

    “You made mistakes, big deal, you’re not Robinson Crusoe”. What? Can anyone explain what Irene was on about?

  • Alf doubts Roo

    “Oh come off it love, I didn’t fall off the back of a turnip truck.” He never disappoints.

  • Eating everything

    In that episode, Miles strolled into the diner, and, on not being attended to immediately, shouted “I’m eating everything”, in the vain hope of rousing some service. However, eating everything is his default position, so no-one batted an eyelid. Plus, Leah was lying face-down in the kitchen. AND she wrecked a load of eggs. Turns…

  • Let’s write our own episode

    Right, Home and Away is on a wee break.  I think the only course of action is to write our own episode. I’ll start: ______________________________________________________________________ FADE-IN INT. KITCHEN OF SUMMER BAY CARAVAN PARK – DAY A HANDSOME MAN enters CLOSE-UP: Alf Stewart ALF (calling) Hello?  Hello?  Strewth, there’s never anyone around when you flamin’ need…

  • Doing it tough

    “Doing it tough” is the current phrase du jour in Summer Bay, and with good reason. Aden’s still doing it tough due to Belle’s death.  Surprisingly he didn’t get over it in a week.  I think the Summer Bay time warp is weakening. Sid is doing it tough trying to ward off Nicole. Charlie’s doing…

  • Gawd Save Ireland

    Gawd Save Ireland

    It’s a badly-kept secret that Irene feels a great affinity with our fair isle. So we decided to celebrate it in t-shirt form. Now you can pray along with Irene, or just show your support for eh, her support. Apparently the phrase “God save Ireland” comes from a rebel song. Home and Away is so…

  • Have you got rocks in your head?

    Lynne truly has some classic lines. Anytime someone goes a bit daft, she’s enquiring about the contents of their skull. Personally, I think there are a few pebbles rattling around in her noggin, as she would say herself. The reason being that her hair is nuts. It hasn’t been the same since she got out…