A few wee thoughts

I am very slack on the H&A watching these days, but I did catch it today. It was a good one.

It went like this:

Irene: Come back and see us soon, Spencer.
Spencer: I will, yeah.

Adios Spencer

Then Roo and the Doc busted Alf out of hospital (am unsure why he’s there) and they all went to some class of military memorial service.


And Alf unwisely got his feet very wet spreading ashes in the sea. I’d say the Doc is v. unimpressed.

Alf and ashes






20 responses to “A few wee thoughts”

  1. coppertop Avatar

    You’ve been busy and put the bug-eyed one on the ‘Wall of Death.’

    What d’ye make of Billie?

  2. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    I’m sure Billie will be a fully paid up member of the community within two weeks as is the summer bay way! I was thinking who is free for her, has to be Chris one of the good egg’s of the bay. Was it just me or was the rap battle one of the most cringeworthy things ever seen in the bay? It was dreadful!

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Absolutely terrible. Eight Mile it ain’t

  4. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    I’m going to go to my local hospital this evening and enter an office that has an unlocked computer and type up a sick note on hospital headed paper for myself. Should get the rest of the summer off work. And entry into any prison I want.

  5. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Avatar

    Let’s remember lads, it was less mortifying than the Jade vs Nick Shakespeare-inspired rap battle.

    But still a bit morto.

  6. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    That Billie sure knows how to move fast, at least she seems a bit more craic than having Billie moaning at you the whole time. I can only see the handsome Doctor falling for Ricky again in the long run. I like how Andy rolls, if I ever want to move in somewhere in the future I shall invite them all for pizza then announce my new living arrangements before the whole establishment.

  7. strikemeroan Avatar

    I missed the rap battle – what happened?
    Billie’s fierce annoying, also why is she hanging around?

  8. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Uh oh poor Denny, wonder will Hunter keep her new Ipad 🙂

  9. coppertop Avatar

    Hi Yabbie Creeker! I was only thinking of commenting yesterday. How are you liking H&A these days?

    I cannot believe that they had Denny’s farewell drinks in a restaurant other than Angelo’s.

    Charlotte and Hunter are up to something. Charlotte has other secrets Im sure. I can’t believe how callous she is.

  10. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    BRAX IS BACK – thought it deserved a comment.. In other news, Sky’s a flipping bore 🙂

  11. Mrs River Boy Avatar
    Mrs River Boy


    Oh my gawdfather doesn’t he look well, always loved him in that coloured t-léine. Very intense episode altogether, glad Ricky is playing it cool and not jumping into his arms immediately. He’s a gas man altogether….so you thought I was dead for 6 months, no biggie!! Had taken a few months off from watching (mainly since the man himself left) but have tuned in the past 2 weeks waiting for the big reveal. Great acting and script, well impressed.

    Who is Sky, the young one with glasses? Where is Mazz??? Who are the newbies living with Irene and why are they calling here Reney? And Matt got into Uni? So many questions!

    Also was glad to see another Home and Away miracle has taken place with Josh regaining his sight. Quite soon after Hannah regaining her ability to walk!

  12. Yabbiecreeker Avatar

    Brax is looking very well indeed. Happy to see him back tapping things around the flat 🙂

    Marylyn is gone on a world tour as she recently had amnesia following an electric shock. Needed to see the world before renewing vows to John.
    Sky is the large glasses wearing one – has psycho mother also Jetts special lady!
    New blonde in Irene’s is Olivia – Chloe’s daughter, used to live with Irene years ago.
    Josh’s blindness was a result of a one punch attack from Evie’s crazy ex boyfriend. He was in a coma for a few weeks and nearly turned off life support but he wiggled his finger in the nick of time
    Maddie and Matt are a thing moving in together after one minute and extremely vom inducing!!

  13. Coppertop Avatar

    I could not contain myself when I saw Brax. I hope he is back for a little while.

    I also hope that crazy Irene is around for a while. She makes it more interesting.

    Sky is alright but you can tell she is going to drop Jett soon. I was hoping Jett would be back for good.

    Maddie and Matt are acting like they have been together for a couple of years and they are suddenly all grown up now. WTF?!!

    What the hell was going on with Oscar just rocking up for a drink in Angelos? Does he drink now? What was he saying about not being a geek anymore? It’s like they are changing personalities overnight. Strange.

    Looks like Denny and Charlotte have to be added to the Wall of Death. The twins, Zac etc aren’t very upset considering they lost Denny. They barely mention her now.

  14. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Haha your right Irene on the grog was great. You can drink in Angelo’s when you’ve completed your HSC – no bothers! Yeah Sky is perfect for Oscar. Hannah & Pheeb’s didn’t seem to bother going to Denny’s memorial in the city or mention her since either!

  15. Mrs River Boy Avatar
    Mrs River Boy

    Thanks for the update Yabbie Creeker!

    I thought that about Oscar too, he seems to have had a complete personality overhaul. I like him a bit now that he’s a bit less uptight.

  16. Coppertop Avatar

    Morag the legend is back. I hope she sticks around for a little while.
    Delighted that Claire wasn’t Irene’s daughter. She was suspicious from the start.

    So Matt doesn’t appear to like uni…I’m guessing he’ll suddenly remember he can play the guitar and sing.
    Looks like Skye hasn’t found her glasses. She went for a swim one day, didn’t take them with her and she hasn’t worn them since.
    Also John Palmer has been gone longer than two weeks to mind Maz!! It’s ridiculous that Nate and Ricky have moved into the Palmer’s house. All John wanted was someone to water the aul plants.

  17. coppertop Avatar

    Hello everyone! How are all of you galahs keepin?

  18. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    G’day, god I miss this page. i have questioned my h&a viewing a lot recently. Looks like Luc has a special Summer Bay medical card, this must be her 4th trip to the hospital

  19. coppertop Avatar

    I question it too but I think the John Palmer and Brody storylines aren’t typical H&A. I couldn’t believe they even said ‘suicide’.

    Not sure about the new family yet. I wonder which one of them will whip out a guitar and be a singer. They’ve to replace Phoebe and Matt in that department. My money is on the 19 yr old.

  20. coppertop Avatar

    Can we resurrect the page? I miss you drongos.
    In H&A news poor Johnny Ruffo aka Chris is just after having a brain tumour removed.????

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