Beauty in the Bay

I don’t know who this creepy blonde lad is, but I do know he needs to improve his makeup removal technique, he’s dragging the skin something shocking here.






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  1. Constable Watson Avatar
    Constable Watson

    He’s Phoebe’s biggest (and probably only) fan. So of course he’s kidnapped her.

  2. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    It’s good to have a stalker back in the bay in fairness, it’s been a while! No idea how he could be such a huge fan though, I thought he only had one hit?

  3. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Avatar

    Dunno why taking her make up off was turning her back to the old Phoebe. He should have been putting more on her.

    In other news, NEXT LEVEL ALERT.

  4. Strikemeroan Avatar

    He must be a fan from the pre-Nieve, pre-marketing-Phoebs-as-the-new-Rihanna phase. Maybe he got her music through an old MySpace page (remember those?)

    I’m hopelessly behind at the moment (stupid real life getting in the way), what’s been going on? Was Phoebe rescued? Did Kyle murder Mr Bumchin, thus sending the last of the Braxtons to jail? Has Oscar dumped Maddie yet? (please say yes) And so forth.

  5. Strikemeroan Avatar

    NEXT LEVEL!!! Matt even recommends fairy lights! They’ve been reading this blog.

  6. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Instead of fairy lights Josh had these weird balloon lights. Maybe they were inflated johnnies..

  7. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    A few H&A related thoughts as of late: The boxing storyline is ridiculous, being a huge boxing fan there is no way in hell VJ & Jett would be allowed in the ring together considering the fact Jett is about the size of a bantamweight & VJ a light heavyweight (at least!). Spencer is just so bloody annoying, I wish him & Maddie would go somewhere far far away, preferably on the wall to the right of me as I type. Chris & Matt are probably the two best characters in the show atm & at least raise a few smiles each episode. In general it’s been quite poor of late, Alf being reduced to being a cheerleader for Maddie probably the most disappointing thing I’ve seen in the bay in a long time. Come back Morag & Coleen & liven the place up a bit.

  8. Summer_Babe Avatar

    I can’t believe they cut us off mid-week and there’s no more til June! 🙁 I heard it at the end of the episode on Wednesday and then totally forgot about it yesterday and went onto the Player to find yesterday’s episode and then remembered it has finished on Wednesday. D’oh!

  9. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Very saucy since we got back from the holidays lots of next levelling. Yawn to Matt’s new low, he was so strong giving Sash the flick. Yippee it’s back though. Lazarus Leah is awake too

  10. coppertop Avatar

    Lazarus Leah and her perfect nail polish. Looks like she had them freshly done in time to wake up.
    Welcome back my Summer Bay buddies. Hope all is ok. Everybody now…You know we belong together, you and I for ever and ever…

  11. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Home and Awaaaaaay 😛

  12. coppertop Avatar

    How do ye feel about the cop? She is grating on me. I wish she’d make up her mind.
    They sure are talking about Anzac Day an awful lot. I don’t remember them ever mentioning it before.

  13. SummerBaySuperBods Avatar

    Please for the love of all that’s holy can somebody make Phoebe and Kyle STOP singing. Every time one of them reaches for the guitar my heart sinks, pair of bed wetters.

  14. Strikemeroan Avatar

    What is with all the HONOUR OUR WAR DEAD propaganda going on these days? Very ‘Tony Abbot’s Australia. Worth it though for Alf’s rant about Kids Today and their ‘flamin’ sense of entitlement’.????

  15. Strikemeroan Avatar

    What is with all the HONOUR OUR WAR DEAD propaganda going on these days? Very ‘Tony Abbot’s Australia. Worth it though for Alf’s rant about Kids Today and their ‘flamin’ sense of entitlement’.????

  16. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Avatar

    They’ve included it because it’s the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli in WWI. Wait til you see: next year it’ll be wall to wall Easter Rising on Fair City…

  17. Strikemeroan Avatar

    It was so epic today. Poppies! Gunfire sound effects! Old timey soldiers who look like Veej et all! Stained glass nurses! Alf having ‘Nam flashbacks! They must’ve got some amount of dollahs from the Australian War Memorial for that bit of propaganda.

  18. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Nate comes home early from work from the only overstaffed hospital in the history of the world!

  19. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    Personally I think it’s great to see the war dead being honoured in such a way on Home & Away, I found the trip to the war museum quite moving & I hope it does hit home how much they sacrificed for our freedom. Lest We Forget.

  20. Pippa Avatar

    I agree Mayor, I really enjoyed it. Also they used to feature Anzac Day a lot, I remember Ric going to it, and the year Aden wouldn’t cos his grandfather was a vet. Anything that takes us away from moaning maddie is a good thing.

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