Misplaced faith

Chris is continuing his one man demolition job on Irene’s gaff. Not only did he wreck the oven, he then destroyed all of her cupboards and presses trying to remodel the kitchen. Irene is a saint and said she will let him continue with the project and update it whatever way he wants to. She said she has complete faith him, that’s asking for trouble.

Marilyn tarrot

Marilyn used the dark arts to look into Phoebe’s future and found out that there is big success on the horizon for her. Kyle won’t be happy if it means more gigs out of town, he gets jealous very quickly. Marilyn is lucky that she lives in Summer Bay, not Salem or she’d but up on trial for witchcraft.

Leah was manipulated into kissing Zac by Sasha and Matt. Seriously, she’s a grown woman, it shouldn’t have been that easy to convince her to do it. Anyway, she fessed up to him that she is into him when they got back home. Is he fully over Hannah now and ready for a new relationship?

166 thoughts on “Misplaced faith”

  1. I was mortified for Leah! At least she is having fun for a change. Poor Matt has lived with all the teachers at this stage.
    John’s daughter with the makey-uppy name is a right dose. I hope she bumps into Maddening Maddie coz the two of them would sicken each other. I also hope she steers clear of Chris. He deserves a nice girlfriend and in fairness he has a lot of re-modelling to be getting on with.

  2. Chris is great craic altogether, maybe it can be a new career for him as being a chef didn’t work out too well, I’m sure the residents of the bay could do with a Mr Fix It, mind you it doesn’t seem like many of them use their kitchens as they all get breakfast in the diner & pizza in Braxelo’s for dinner.

  3. Ah yer wan Shandi is terrible, a pure stirrer.

    It would be handy to have a handyman about, there have been no tradespeople since Martha left.

  4. Haha. Martha with the cowboy boots and toolbox she never opened. It was like her handbag.

    Mayor West, Braxelo’s is an epic name change.

  5. Haha thank you very much, came to me in a moment of inspiration 🙂

    I do hope Chris doesn’t take up pole dancing like Martha if being a handy man doesn’t work out!

  6. So in today’s episode the continuity department seemed to be off their game. When Sasha was talking to Matt who was sitting under a tree her hair was in one of her unique styles with a clip on the side of her head. Next time we see her she is running into the school to complain to Leah and Zac about Matt not doing the exams and her hair is completely different.

    Other than that today’s episode was pretty boring. I hope Andy the dope (dealer) leaves soon. He should take Hannah, Nate’s wife, Maddie and Josh with him and bore off.

  7. I wouldn’t put it past Sasha to change hairstyles in the middle of the day for no reason. Probably throw a bit of purple dye in while she’s at it.

  8. Am I the only one who likes Sophie? All she does is sneak around the place all day looking out for possible sightings of Nate possibly cheating. I love her paranoia- she has the potential of being a proper psycho.

  9. I find her a bit annoying so far myself & was thinkining surely if Sophie was that insecure she would not have moved to a town where the people were all so beautiful?

  10. I find Soph very annoying, but I like a bit of sneakiness not as annoying as Maddie. I cant wait for her to start double dropping the Anadin.
    Did anyone check out Ricky a few episodes back taking some action shots of Case and Denny frolicking in the sea.. She then showed the photos to Denny exclaiming what a cute couple they were! Ah the photos were absolutely shite. I honestly could take better myself and I have a habit of cutting peoples heads out of the shot! Professional photographer my arse!

  11. I thought it was a bit pervy, her & Brax spent so long watching & taking pictures of Casey & Denny frolicking.

    I like that Sophie has a sinister side, it’s better than the drips Maddie, Andy, Hannah, Denny, Evie, Spencer, Nate…

  12. What was the song Kyle and Phoebe sang? Very familiar but I couldn’t hear past her to figure out the song.
    Sophie is interesting. She can only get crazier. Funny how she’s in so many scenes with Ricky but has only been in one scene with her real life fiance.

  13. They sang Riptide by Vance Joy.
    Pippa I couldn’t agree more. It was the weirdest scene. Why would you spend the day taking pictures of your boyfriend’s brother messing with his girlfriend. You’d get a box if you did that here.
    Sophie’s dress sense is getting stranger since she came to the Bay. She was wearing a tiny military style jacket yoke with a floaty dress the other day ??!! Also I think the hair stylist is having great craic with Sophie’s ceann. Sophie has donned a plait of some fashion most days she was in the show. She is turning into another April with the plaits, half up-dos and clips.

  14. If she starts popping the pills again I feel it’s only right to start calling her Sophadeine, I think the song Kyle & Phoebe sang last night is one you hear a fair bit in the background. Shandi is an absolute wagon, poor Maz 🙁

  15. I know it might have been hard to get the same actor to play Shandi this time round, but did they have to give her a totally different personality, dress sense and penchant for grey eyeshadow too? She’s still a pain in the face, that’s about all that’s stayed the same. TEAM MAZ!!

    The Leah and Zac storyline made me think of something: Invisiveej!! Not quite Braxelo’s but it’s kept me amused nonetheless…

  16. THANK YOU. (In reply to Colleens Passion Pit) I was getting really confused by Shandi (‘didn’t she have blonde hair before? And a totally different personality) Come on casting people, we have longer memories than that….

    Poor disappeared Veej. Jett doesn’t seem too cut up about the absence of his best bud.

  17. Roo: how many have you had?
    Marilyn: I have no idea
    Kyle: it’s her first

    Love “drunk” Marilyn!!!

  18. I love drunk Marilyn. She sobered up far too quickly though 🙁
    Did ye see Andy’s tshirt today? It had a cross on it and was a jumbled ‘Kasey’. Subtle hint of what’s to come??!

  19. Evie 1 Maddie 0 in formal attire. Nooooooo Casy, was going to happen with all the lovey dovey action. Leah’s dance was legendary 😉

  20. I bawled and bawled for the bug-eyed Braxton. I was never overly fond of Casey but the acting by all the Braxton crew was unbelievable especially Brax, Kyle and Ricky. Brilliant stuff.

  21. Totes agree with Coppertop. Crazy Eyes Casey was always bottom of my Braxton list but the thought of the others missing him…. BAWLING.

    …though let’s face it, the real tragedy was always the lack of chemistry between him and Denny. Glad that’s over.

  22. I felt Casey had improved in the past month or two where I’d actually started to like his character then they go & kill him off. Jake is a very unconvincing gang boss though, what gangster hangs on his own out in the bush chatting on his mobile? Maddie is still as annoying as every, next time she does that stupid hop/skip/walk thing somebody should stick a leg out & watch her go flying (preferably off Stuarts point).

  23. Agree Colleen- zero chemistry between them.
    Sick to the teeth of Maddening Maddie. I wish she’d hop off. Not a bit concerned about her boss and one-time love interest Casey.
    I thought I saw a chinese takeaway box on the ground beside Jake in the bush. Fair play to him. He managed to find somewhere to eat besides Braxelos or the Diner.

  24. Oh gosh I was so upset over Caseys death! He was my favourite lately! I actually like him and Denny together – they were opposites but it worked.
    Really hope Nate doesn’t go back to Sophie though, she’s a right pain

  25. Woah! Home & Away is going to another level and by ‘another level’ I don’t mean sexy time but full of symbolism and sh**t. Nice one Colleen. I feel we could do an entire English Leaving Cert Paper 2 on H&A now.

  26. I watched all of the week’s episodes in one go last night, so much weeping! I think when I see Baby Brax’s face up here on the RIP wall I’ll be set off again. Poor Brax, poor Kylie! So many emotions, the bay needs the Maz/JP wedding pronto. Hopefully without that awful Shandi featuring.

  27. The Casey funeral/aftermath was fierce sad. Poor Braxtons. Hope Brax finds out about Ricky being preg and calls off his revenge plan. I actually liked Phoebe for once in that scene with Ricky where she was calling it as it is.

    The one bright spot in the funeral episode was Alf tearing Maddie a new one over her taking advantage of Josh. No one deserves a dressing down more.

    When are Marilyn and John going to get married? Their engagement is as long as Rachel’s neverending pregnancy at this stage.

    Speaking of Rachel, this news of Kim/Thor returning is interesting. Two thoughts:
    1. Does this mean that Vinnie will also abandon the swamps of Louisiana to return to the Bay?
    2. Will Kim be coming back as Kim, or playing a completely different character, a fine Home and Away tradition shown yet again today with the appearance of New Veej.

  28. Hahahahahaha that new V.J. is ridiculous he looks about 25 & that he’s spent the last decade in the gym, he looked like Jet’s older Uncle playing video games with him, one of the funniest things I’ve seen yet in H&A!

  29. Whoever cast Spencer as a ‘teenager’ must have been in charge of the casting of New VJ. They better not replace Jett with an older actor, that kid is the best.

  30. Haha the new Veej is deadly he actually looks older than middle aged Spence. I agree Pheebs is growing on me. Still not over Casey’s funeral! jetting with Cherryl was heartbreaking, wonder why Heath only showed up for a minute

  31. Haha Jetting with Cheryl, that’s brilliant! She certainly doesn’t get enough screen time imo. In fairness V.J. looks almost the same age as Leah now, absolutely ridiculous, worse than Charlie & Ruby. Now Chris is paired off with Shandi, she’ll just need to find a job (Braxelo’s, the diner or most likely the surf club) & she’ll become a pillar of the community.

  32. They could have least got a Veej that didn’t tower over Leah!

    Was thinking the other day about the Palace where Noah and Scott and co lived. They need a new bachelor pad for some shmad antics!

  33. ‘Notable pranks have been killing people, dying the swimming pool purple and bringing pigs to school’ ??????????????

  34. I know, I was surprised too.. surely killing people goes beyond the category of “pranks”!! :O

  35. What did they (Alf mainly) used to call the kids who flocked to the bay on their midterm…townies or something? Another tradition was for the teens of the day to go get corrupted by them by sniffing a beer!

  36. Schoolies!! God they were such rascals. Although compared to what the River Boys got up to when they arrived they were angels!

  37. What sort of wages is Maddie on in the gym to afford a dress like that? Surely there’s no need to resort to drug dealing if the gym is paying those sorts of wages. J.P. out of his box on meds in the hospital was simply brilliant. Roll on the wedding today.

  38. Aww John and Maz, those crazy kidz made it in the end. Roo’s dress wasn’t even that massive. Irene’s, on the other hand….

    So Brax found out that Ricky’s prego; the only thing that could stop his revenge rampage against Jake. He’s already started wearing dodgy dad shorts.

    I hope Andy is done for killing Jake and gets sent to jail for a million years. His face is infuriating.

    Did yiz see Spencer on Two Tube yesterday? He was wearing the weirdest jumper. Apparently the online romance storyline is about to kick OFF.

  39. Strikemeroan- I’ll loved Marilyn’s dress. Maddie is so selfish and maddening. Her expensive orange dress is exactly like one you’d get in Penneys in July.

    Any word on why the 2014 Veej didn’t turn up to the wedding?

    I too hope that Andy is sent to jail. I’m sick of him. The Braxtons should be 1000 times angrier with him over Casey’s death. Brax doesn’t seem to be half as upset about Casey as he was about Charlie.

  40. Top of Marilyn’s dress was beautiful. End looked like they had run out of material so just left it tatty.
    John on pain meds was hilarious. As was MC Chris. So glad Shandi is gone. Was getting a bad feeling she might be one of those guest characters that turns permanent.
    Maddy needs a kick in the arse.

  41. And the award for the “WTF is she wearing outfit” of the year goes to that bra top monstrosity Maddy was wearing today!

  42. Totally agree Justice Bellingham! Maddy really has no redeeming features now. They’ve turned her into an absolute dope, as if her purchases wouldn’t appear on Roo’s credit card bill?? God save Ireland she’s tedious.

  43. Those tops are called “bralets” quite popular with celebrities as seen in the daily mail! I thought the stripey beach towel looking number was far worse, she really is the most annoying character in the history of H&A. I already can’t stand Matt’s father either.

  44. I love that Sophie is unleashing the cray. Deliberately burning herself to get Nate’s attention away from Hannah – genius. But she’ll have to up her game now that that pair have taken to kayaking together, followed by ‘accidental’ pashing..

    Re Marilyn’s name change dilemma – did she change her name when she was married to Fisher? I feel like she’s never not been Marilyn Chambers, glad she’s keeping it.

  45. I can’t remember if she took Fisher as her last name.
    Nice cliffhanger we’re left on this year. I know the season always ends on a cliffhanger in Oz, that we pick up around February and just have to wait til the next for the outcome. Nice to have a proper cliffhanger for our break this year.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  46. Happy new year!

    Do we know when H+A is back on Irish screens? Pining for it big time.

  47. On Monday. Hopefully it won’t feature Maddening Maddie.
    I came across an old episode I’d forgotten to delete. It was of Bianca marrying the rock star. I counted only 6 people in the entire episode who were still in it.

  48. Gosh, coppertop. Let’s see if we can guess the six? Alf and Irene, of course. Marilyn, John Palmer, and who else? Had Sasha made it to the bay yet? Probably not… Brax? Unlikely to go to the wedding though. Was Roo there by then?
    My guess – Alf, Irene, Marilyn, John Palmer, Roo and Sasha.

  49. Some epic stuff with the rescue last night, though obviously Veej can’t have been that badly injured with helping the good Doctor to safety & why on earth did they not start a fire to attract attention to where they were?

  50. Intense scene’s in tonight’s episode. Great sleuthing by Chris, impressed by how quickly he put it together. And surprised!

  51. It was totally exciting! Was confused as to why Spence seemed to be knocked out. Thought he could have made his escape after he hit the guy. Maybe he’d drugged him with a drink? Spence had refused the beer tho!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!!

  52. So happy it’s back ???? Good lord really hope that stick in Nate won’t affect his topless scenes. Ah like why did they not move him sooner since the “yewt” seemed to be around the corner! Poor Spence, doesn’t seem to have any luck with the ladies real life or virtual. At least no Maddie and her growing wardrobe tonight.

  53. If you remember Mattie & her “severe burns” which healed within a week, I’m sure the good Doctor will be back to looking his usual self within a similar timeline! Hopefully that’s the last we’ve seen of Matt’s Dad, what an utter knob.

  54. Oh my godfathers I didn’t realise it was back, I thought it wasn’t till next Monday! But sure enough there’s this week’s episodes safely recorded on the upc box. Bonza!

  55. Defo it’s his cousin! We have been lacking in Braxtons recently. Andy isn’t really doing it as much as he tries. Haha Maddie, Brax had a bit of an Alan Sugar moment, let’s just hope she stays fired now and has to leave the bay on the big bus to the city.

  56. And Roo gives Maddening Maddie a flamin’ hug! That girl deserves a dose of cop on. They are far too lenient on her.
    State of Andy flying to the ground after the mysterious Casey and Heath replacement barely touched him. Anyone else thinking Andy should cut his nails?

  57. Amazing self healing powers on show by the good Dr, seemingly days after a shocking collapse he was back on duty & how can Maddie be so sure that O-zone is not the father? Speaking of Fathers, hopefully that will be the last we see of Matt’s.

  58. I know! Can’t believe Nate is back on duty already.
    Sophie is getting bitchier and bitchier… it’s turning into a real cat fight between her and Hannah.. hopefully he will choose Hannah, she’s not insane, not manipulating and not a drug addict, unlike some people!

    What is Brax hiding? We know he got into a spate of fights while in jail but… did he kill someone or something? What’s eating him?

  59. The head on Ricky when Sophie told her off. Sophie is crackers.

    I bet that Brax will use his sudden rage problems to second guess having the baby.

    Just realised Casey has yet to be added to the Wall.

  60. That Sophie is a right weirdo in fairness, maybe Ash could act as her counsellor too & set it up as a side line business in the Bay, John Palmer may wish to invest.

    How can Maddie know that the baby is 100% Josh’s, my money is on the fact she’s lying & all will be revealed when the baby emerges in a very tight fitting shirt in the delivery room.

  61. O-Zone!! I forgot all about that! Hilarious.

    Devo that Maddie didn’t go through with her threat to leave the Bay when she found out she was preggo. So close to seeing the back of her…and now it’s all hanging out with her newly single baby daddy Josh and her bff O-zone.

    Anyone know what EnormoVeej’s tattoo was supposed to be? Or just makey uppy?

    I can’t really follow what happened with Brax in jail. All I know is it’s making him yell a lot and push people.

  62. I’ve no idea what Veej XL’s tattoo is meant to be, but have you noticed he pronounces the word in a very strange manner? Is he looking to leave school as he’s finally realised he’s about 25?

    I still reckon o-zone is the father of that baby, how could Maddie be so sure, it’s all too convenient for her, now she can get floppy hair back as her boyfriend too.

    Great to see that Brax’s deep psychological problems will be solved by going up the coast for a few days with his mate & downing a few beers!

    As for Sophie the sooner she’s gone the better, another head melter.

  63. I’d say you’re right, Mayor, I think O-Zone might be the father alright… don’t think we’re at the end of that story yet! The more scandal the better!

    Lol, I’d say Veej realised he might be the only one in school to mature by ten years in 5 months so he’s feeling out of place!

    Haha, I realised that too, he does say “tattoo” in a really weird way!! taduu or something! Dunno whether it’s meant to symbolise anything… just looks like a triangle with something in the middle. Reminds me of something out of a cult. Maybe it’s time for another cult?

    Yeah, have no idea what’s going on with Brax either. Did he almost kill someone or something? Are they being deliberately vague about it?

  64. So that’s Sophie dumped, and her back on the pain pills now. What’s the bets she’ll fake a pregnancy in the next few days?!

    Speaking of pregnant people, Ricky has clearly entered the Summer Bay Time Warp – her bump is doubling in size by the day. She’ll be in labour by next week.

  65. I noticed the Summer Bay time warp in full affect too with Ricky & her bump, maybe a hole will be ripped in the time fabric of summer bay & she’ll give birth to the full size teenage big-eared version of Veej?

    That Phoebe music storyline is so boring, does this mean we will have to put up with yards more of her warbling?

    As for those treacles who Spence & Chris were out with claiming they were “toolies” they were late 20’s if they were a day!

  66. Sophie will have to go on a downward spiral and lose her job. Snoopy Leah will cop on to her. Ozone is definitely the father but in order for them to find that out something will go wrong and they’ll need blood or something from Josh.
    Phoebe is singing too much these days. Ive an awful feeling she is going to have an affair with Ash.

  67. Loving Ash as the new hunky addition. I need to have a catch up pronto or else Ricky will have had the baby already.


    So many things came to mind. 1950s prom king. Also Christopher Moltisanti from the Sopranos. He was unrecognisable

  69. Maddie has to be the most selfish H&A character of all time, why was Alf defending her on the beach, Evie was right to rip into her, should have given her a slap as well for good measure! She makes my blood boil every time she does that pathetic pout & rubs her bump, if only the summer bay stalker was still here to give her just desserts.

  70. So after Nate finally for real dumps Sophie, he’s afraid she’s gonna murder him in his motel room, so he hides out in the remote secrecy of….the caravan park. It took her approximately four seconds to track him down.

  71. My God, why couldn’t Nate just leave Sophie to burn in her caravan? I think they will have to place her in psychiatric care. Poor woman.

  72. And I am most honoured to have received the Golden Surfboard! I’d like to dedicate it to all the H&A fans out there! 😉

  73. The storylines at the moment are stupid. Maddening Maddie needs a slap. The Ash/ Brax storyline is so boring- Brax likes the thrill of chasing baddies and can get real mad. Riveting!! Sophie is ridiculous. The only thing that was holding my interest up until this week was Marilyn, John and Jett.

  74. Aye it’s very poor the past couple of weeks, I’m sure we can look forward to Josh getting back with Evie shortly (yawn). I’m gutted Chris is gone for a while, at least he’s a good laugh.

  75. Matt is funny too, so he can fill in for Chris as comic relief for a bit. So Maddie’s phantom pregnancy might actually be cancer. I’m already sickened by all the sympathy she’s gonna get.

    I like crazy Sophie being crazy. The latest stunt – jamming the sedative needle in Hannah and escaping – was worthy on One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Let’s be honest – who hasn’t wanted to stick a needle full of sedative into Hannah at some point or other?!

  76. Matt is a laugh, he can provide comic relief while Chris is away.

    So Maddie’s phantom pregnancy might be cancer. I’m already sickened by all the sympathy she’s gonna get.

    I like crazy Sophie being crazy. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to stick a hypodermic needle full of sedative into Hannah at some point? *raises hand*

  77. My only wish was that while Hannah was telling Nate what happened, we got to see it in flashback. Soph is the best nut in a long time!
    Hate the Brax story.

  78. I like crazy Sophie too. Wonder where she will turn up. Did anyone think it was a doll she’d left in the bed? It was in the exact same position the two times when it just showed her hair!
    The Brax story is getting slightly more interesting but has been boring up to now. Still, it’s nice to see some Australian landscapes outside the Bay.

  79. Apparently the Braz/Ash storyline is gonna get more interesting (don’t know details, just that it’s gonna improve). Glad to hear it, I was starting to think they were just filming pointless scenes in the boonies for a tax incentive or something.

  80. Tbh it just looks like Brax will get framed for murder after the bar owner appears to have done the other lad in. More court scenes, more Ricky moaning about being on her own & in my case more yawning.

  81. Word is that Brax has left H&A for the hills of Hollywood (no, not the ones of Wickla!). I hope he isn’t bound for the wall of death. We’ll only be left with one Braxton then.

    Phoebe and her hair extensions should go off to Asia. One good thing about her new look is that she is giving the green eyeshadow a break.

    Chris better be coming back. Do all the principals of Summer Bay High have to be craiced?! The last one kept getting married and had a drug problem for a spell, the one before that burnt Mangrove River High down and set of the explosion in the hospital. We haven’t had a law abiding principal since Sally or Fischer.

    Strikemeroan- I too am sickening by the sympathy everyone will have for Maddening Maddie. They’ll all quickly forget all the grief she has caused them. Wonder if her weird parents will be contacted about it at all.

  82. Excellent Vine Colleen’s Passion Pit!

    I am concerned that your predictions are right Mayor Josh West, which means no improvement at all. I bet Ricky wishes she’s stayed with Dr Topless now. Even his surprise stalker wife beats Brax’s weekend habits of racing off in the Ute to torture randos.

    Brax’s first Hollywood role will be alongside Liz Lemon herself: http://deadline.com/2015/02/steve-peacocke-taliban-shuffle-casting-tina-fey-margot-robbie-1201369524/

    “Peacocke will play Nic, her alpha-male Kiwi bodygaurd who has the hots for her”

    Ehhh I hope the casting director understands the difference between Ozzies and Kiwis!

  83. Love the vine Colleen’s Passion Pit CD!

    You’re dead right Mayor John West regarding inevitable Brax court scenes and Ricky moaning …they’re getting tiresome at this stage. Surely they can think of another storyline for them. And I hate when they make Ricky moany when she’s such an ass-kicking individual in every other scenario!

  84. I really think it’s very poor fare of late, Maddy well there’s no words needed there, Brax & his never ending adventures, Phoebe & her singing nonsense, it’s all a big yawn. I really hope for better stuff ahead, Irene & Alf have basically been relegated to background characters with no proper storylines, not good at all.

  85. And that’s not even touching on Dr Accent with his madzer wife, and dreary Hannah and idiotic Andy!

  86. Agree. It is getting duller than dish water. I’m finding myself questioning whether or not I should stop watching it. Sniff.

  87. Oh my gawdfather coppertop!!! Don’t lose faith, it’ll turn around soon… it hast to!

  88. Regarding Brax’s next step, I think we can all agree that it’s great news for him, although it would be better news if instead of him heading for Hollywood it were Tina Fey heading for Summer Bay… we can dream, can’t we?!

    Christ, could do without YET ANOTHER ‘oh no! A Braxton’s future is in jeopardy, and he’s only just turned things around for the better!’ storyline. How many of these ones have we had now?!

  89. I’m getting seriously bored too. I used to sit down for an entire episode and now I find myself doing other things while “watching” the episodes as they just don’t hold my attention anymore. Booooo to Brax leaving, he is one of the main reasons to watch the show!

  90. Marathon catch up for me. So Maddie has “The canca” The pregnancy belly rubbing made me shout so this is kinda better for me 🙂 Great to see Ricky flying the amazing maternit fashion flag. Hope not the end of Sophie.

  91. All the sympathy that Maddie will receive is just sickening, I’ve never seen a more self absorbed person in the bay ever. Poor Matt after all his efforts to get Sash the bash in, Nate rocks up & dashes his dreams, I wouldn’t like to be Zack there living with his missus & the good Dr strolling round shirtless the whole time, very hard to compete with that. Also come back Chris & in a hurry.

  92. Sophie is back! Woohoo, let the crackedness commence!
    Chris is back! Double woohoo

  93. Great to see Chris back especially, Sophie the loon on top form, this week is shaping up to be an epic! The wheels on the bus go round & round……

  94. It’s occurred to me what a missed opportunity Jet’s birth certificate was. They could have made him a year younger and then little him standing beside elderly Veej might finally make some sense!!

    That is all.

  95. Yeah the birth cert story wasn’t much of a story. I don’t know why they are trying to age Jett all of a sudden.

    Sophie is really good at playing crazy. She is the most convincing crazy principal we’d had in a long time.

    All of the Summer Bay residents couldn’t been wiped out in that crash! H&A is finally getting good again.

  96. Two questions: Why did Nate not try and walk out when his feet weren’t tied?
    Why did he not blow out the candle?
    That is all!
    Good lord what an episode, between Pheebs, the bus crash and Sophie the nutjob! Loved it, other than shouting at Maddy to shut up narrating her letter.. see ya Mads

  97. I think he just wanted to get her to the hospital, rather than letting her cause havoc somewhere else… he would’ve been wise to head for the hills though!

    I know! So much happening in one episode. It was so dramatic, loved it!

    The question is… is Brax going to die here? We all know he’s going to be leaving soon to do that film…
    It looks almost like they’re trying to kill off a load of characters at once.

    The other question is, if Nate and Hannah were both involved in the accident, who’s going to look after all the victims at the hospital?

    The bus really didn’t get far at all considering it left way before Brax and Nate and Sophie did! It’s the H&A time warp again!

  98. GREAT!PERIL! Home and Away does PERIL so well. No one’s noticed that Leah’s lying unconscious in the bushes, the galahs. I hope Kyle doesn’t lose his legs. What is Nieve planning with the video of drugged Phoebe with the 50 shades of grey lookalike guy? Making her famous with a sex tape?

  99. Anyone notice the coronas on in the backround on Tuesday episode?
    Uhh Sophie still looks for sympathy after all she’s done, poor Nate is feeling right guilty!

    So the bus driver died was it? Was he the person that was lying on Sasha then?

  100. It was the bus driver who died, the Home and Away equivalent of Ensign No Name.

    So Sophie has finally given herself up to the cops and the nuthouse. She still somehow made the whole thing about herself. Classic H&A sociopath.

    Is Maddie in ‘The City’? First I heard of her lifelong dream to wander around city streets looking moany.

    Anyone notice that they’ve suddenly started showing a lot of front shots of the caravan park house? And they’ve obviously just got that Southern-style porch set, every second shot is in it. That’s not how I pictured the front of that house at all.

  101. Ugh Maddie moping about the city is just sickening, do the writers not see how much fans of the show can’t stand her character? I’ve never met one H&A fan who actually likes her. If there’s one on here please step forward 🙂

    The front of Alf’s house doesn’t look right at all to me, it seems to be perched on a tree filled hillside yet the back is all flat & grassy, makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    Poor Dr Nate despite being in the crash too, it looks like he worked a 72 hours shift non-stop, heroic stuff from the good doctor.

    I enjoyed Veej having a pop at Zack about he’ll still be there after he’s long gone, good to see he hasn’t forgotten all the “Uncles” he’s had over the years!!!

  102. Yes I heard the Coronas CSea! I was hoping we wouldnt hear from Maddie again. Ugh!

    I remember that they used to show the outside of Alf/Sally’s house back when Sally was a kid and I don’t remember it being up on a hill.

  103. I noticed it last night, when Alf drove up in his yewt, seems weird that it was uphill! Ozone will save the day and bring back the maddening one back to the bay..

  104. Best line ever klaxon; Alf to Jett “Your in more strife than Flash Gordon. Aaaagh Maddie more annoying in the city!

  105. Haha does that line even make sense, though Alf said it which automatically makes it legendary. Maybe Veej & Zac can bump into Maddening & Ozone in the city & all will have a magical-mystery adventure together.

  106. The house is the original Summer Bay House. It was damaged in a bush fire years ago and has only just been refurbished enough to film outside scenes there again.
    The Phoebe sex tape: not a sex tape but a (attempted) date rape tape?

  107. I really don’t like that take thing happening with phoebe…
    But is it really necessary to tell your boyfriend “, who was on the verge of death, as he wakes up?….

    So Brax is arrested ? :0 :/ not liking this storyline

  108. The Brax here we go again in a courtroom storyline, FGS leave it out H&A, how many times have we been down this road. The Phoebe storyline is just bizarre & there is no need for it. Message to Maddie: Stay in the city, nobody wants your moaning self back. Thank Lord for JP lightening up the episode, great stuff as usual from himself. The new cop, will surely be a hit with fellow male fans anyway 🙂

  109. Yawn to the upcoming court scenes. haha I agree CSea, waking up from a coma and being told “dont get mad” 🙂 White bikinis are a great way to make an entrance in H&A

  110. Did anyone watch it on the Rte player yesterday instead of on TV? I always watch it there as I don’t have a TV. I was just wondering if anyone had the same split-second thought that the display photo/photo from the episode was of Charlie, because of the police uniform and the brown hair?? Or am I alone??

  111. Ha just checked rte player, totally. They pretty much used the same formula for picking new policewoman, wonder will she have a boys name!

  112. All aboard for the wacky brax adventures out in the bush: yawn! I see Dr Nate already has his eye on “Katerina” I think that’s her name anyway! The Hannah the cripple storyline is already annoying me already.

  113. I was wondering when lea would be mentioned again.. I’d be sad to see her go.
    So maddy is coming home.. Great, we’ll have to be sympathetic even though everyone else is either genuinely dying or crippled. I wish she’d just wake up and smell the roses for crying out loud

  114. I do not like this Leah in a coma storyline. I hope there’s a miracle cure. Maddie can feck right off.

    On the up side, this sassy, interfering, overzealous new cop reminds me of a young Charles Buckton, and the glory days of Chax.

  115. Our two Leah options: she dies, which would be shit, and also what would that actress do if she weren’t in Home & Away?! If that happens, Irene’s totes going back on the sauce. And Zack. The pair of them will be in Sid’s ditch.

    Other option, a Summer Bay miracle.

    What do you guys think it will be?

  116. Ah, Sid’s ditch. We’ve gotten great mileage out of that as a representation of rock bottom in Home and Away world.

  117. Great acting from Irene. Glad to see the writers are including the original characters and giving them storylines. They had been confined to a few lines here and there for months.
    Where is the stalker from? He has a strange accent!

  118. Haven’t watched it in a couple of weeks… Must tune in to send Leah my best wishes. Hopefully it’s a Summer Bay Miracle. Either she’ll get it or Hannah will to walk again. How’s Kyle’s health? They can’t cripple a Braxton, that family has been through enough this year.

  119. Poor Kyle he sadly lost the use of his singing voice following the bus crash. Loving creepy bumchinned stalker guy, especially when he spoke out loud his intentions to take care of Pheebs 🙂

  120. Thank God Kyle can no longer “sing”, please let it be contagious so Phoebe gets it next and we no longer have to endure any further cringe fests from those two wet blankets! Let’s sing away our troubles…aghhh ghastly.

  121. SummerBaySuperBods, you’re right: the pair of them singing their troubles away was CRINGE! But in other Pheebs news, I appreciate that her post-pop look has meant the smoky eyes have been toned down a little. And the bed hair’s been brushed. The experience has taught her more than just not to trust a flouncy record producer or whatever it is Nieve was.

  122. The singing parts really made me question my love of H&A, Id say they are morto when they see it in the script.

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