Who is Jake Pirovic?

Jake pirovic

He’s Andy’s new boss and the main man in Cody’s drug dealing ring. Him turning up can only mean one thing, trouble for the Braxtons. Casey and Brax are trying to give Andy a chance but he’s throwing it back in their faces by dealing away to his hearts content on the sly. The Bay must be awash with drugs by now, Amsterdam would have nothing on it.






3 responses to “Who is Jake Pirovic?”

  1. Roo The Ledgebag Avatar
    Roo The Ledgebag

    Jake killed Charlie guys. Bad news.

  2. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Is Jake the brother of the hilariously unscary Hammer? At least Jake looks believably tough.

  3. Flathead Avatar

    That is him alright, I forgot about him altogether.

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