This happened yesterday





8 responses to “This happened yesterday”

  1. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Nooooooooooooooooooo your missing Oscar losing the plot!!

  2. Strikemeroan Avatar

    It didn’t record on the tv either! I only got to see Oscar’s bag punching in flashback 🙁

  3. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    Mental Oscar is a legend, maybe he could go off & bash the drug dealers for Andy?

  4. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Thought it was only me, having major issues watching it on my Ipad this last week, thought it was the piece of crap IOS8 update… Watching it on my phone just ain’t the same…

    Did RTE get back you?!

  5. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Ah lads, its brilliant – Protein shakes galore, sweating Oscar, concerned Spencer who Oscar tells ” Yes Mum” Legendary mentalness!
    Am I building it up enough??

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    It sounds amazing. There will be a H&A-a-thon at the weekend so. Why has he gone mad?

  7. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Have you tried RTE Player XL????? There were no problems with it yesterday!

  8. Strikemeroan Avatar

    You did manage to miss two sartorial disasters – Spencer in a purple shirt with black stripes and a horrible shiny black tie, and old reliable Roo in a floaty guna with a tropical island print on it. #gag

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