Andy goes AWOL

Casey and Josh are looking for Andy, he’s gone missing and isn’t answering their calls. It turns out the dealers kidnapped him and gave him a good bashing. They dumped him on the side of the road where Hannah found him. When he was found he had a hoodie on but when he arrived into the hospital he was topless. Did Hannah take his clothes off en route? Maybe Nate prescribed a prolonged spell of toplessness for him.

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Andy told Casey to get Josh out of town as the lads who bashed him are coming back for him and his bro. Even Hannah isn’t safe. Now that he’s in his hour of need will Brax have a change or heart and save him at the last minute?

Maddy started her new job in the gym but it’s not going quite as she planned. She has loads of new ideas for programs and classes but Casey isn’t interested as she isn’t a qualified instructor. Instead of all that he has cleaning the showers and the toilets. So glamourous, worth leaving school for.

John wanted to invite Xavier to the wedding, one small problem, he hasn’t told him that himself and Marilyn are engaged. He rang him with the good news but Xavi can’t make the wedding anyway, which is a pity. Marilyn invited Shandi, Josh’s daughter but she didn’t tell John, he’ll get a surprise when she shows up. Is it possible for John and Marilyn to go through an episode without some sort of miscommunication where one of them gets the wrong end of the stick?





7 responses to “Andy goes AWOL”

  1. FairyLights Avatar

    John/Maz miscommunications getting a bit tedious now. Also, must get this off my chest- had a dream that I was madly in love with the revolting andy- what’s more, he reciprocated! Can’t believe that out of all the Summer Bay studs, eg Heath/Nate/early-days Brax, stupid brain had to go THERE. Yuck. Rev Elijah would’ve been preferable!

  2. FairyLights Avatar

    Left a comment earlier, but for some reason it didn’t post- was basically saying that I had a dream where revolting andy and I were madly in love with each other! Feel gutted and betrayed by subconscious which could have fixed me up with Summer Bay’s finest, eg Heath/Nate/early-days Brax, Even Rev Elijah would’ve been better!

  3. Flathead Avatar

    Andy of all people? Your subconscious not doing you any favours there.

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    Eh where is Bandicoot’s invite to the wedding?

  5. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Haha, as much as it pains me, I would have to go with Andy, if Holy Elijah was only other option.

  6. Strikemeroan Avatar

    FairyLights, at least you can take solace that your dream alter-ego was guaranteed ‘amazing sex’

  7. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    John and Maz should really be sent off to the aul pre marriage course.

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