Drunk Leah

leah mickey eye

Leah and Sophie went to lunch in Angelo’s, to have a very civilised face-off. A few home truths were declared, and a few glasses of wine drunk. Sophie suggested Leah should get back on the dating scene. Chris, who had been eavesdropping for some reason, told the two ladies they were rides. Nate came to collect Sophie (who is still untrustworthy in my book), and Leah stayed on, drinking and giving Zac the mickey eye. Drunk Leah is the best.

leah mickey eye

Chris and Denny went for dinner, strictly on a just-friends basis, but he ruined it all by trying to kiss her at the end of the night. THE DOPE.

7 thoughts on “Drunk Leah”

  1. Ailsa I’m with you on that one- Sophie is up to something. She’ll end up being a drug baron.

    Please God let Leah and Marilyn get hammered at the up coming wedding. They are both hilarious when they are drunk.

    It has been like a week since Roo was keeled over in hospital and no one has mentioned why she was galavanting in South America. Has that storyline just ended??! Where was she exactly? Was Roo off exploring Mayan temples or purchasing material for her 2015 Summer Tent-Dress Collection??

  2. Sophie has a naturally evil-looking face, she’ll have to turn out to be some kind of criminal mastermind.

    Seconded on a Drunk Marilyn/Leah series of escapades. That would gladden my soul.

    Nice touch from Zac calling Nate ‘Dr Abdominals’. He’s obviously been reading this site.

  3. Very good point there about Roo. How come Alf gave up on his crusade to find out why she’d gone to South America?

    I don’t think SA would have enough material for the Summer Tent-Dress Collection 2015.

  4. I forgot to mention in my post, that the last time Leah was drunk, she puked on ??? Can’t remember which fella it was, but it was hilarious.

  5. It was Nicole’s dad, the ex-army guy, was his name Roman? And she fancied him at the time which made it even funnier.

    I just remembered he had a nice gaf that lots of people were crashing in at various times. Whatever happened to that house?

  6. Bit late on this but I think Nicole, Aden and Morag lived there after Roman went to jail. Then Aden left and Nicole moved back to the caravan park when she got pregnant and Marilyn tried to adopt the baby.

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