Maddie going mad

It’s Maddie’s turn to have a go at being a wayward teen. She’s going to try it on with Oscar, to get back at Evie for stealing Josh, and she’s talking about leaving school. She does great brat, to be fair.

Apportioning blame
Apportioning blame

Jett is going to be John’s best man. Deadly. That buck’s night is going to be mental. Chris is hanging around like a bad smell, trying to be invited. Doesn’t John know that, in the grand old Home and Away tradition, you’re supposed to have someone you barely know in the bridal party?






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  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham


  2. Strikemeroan Avatar


    Marilyn and John are the BEST.

    Nobody ever wants to stay in school in the Bay. They must have great apprenticeships round there. Either that or Maddie’s just a fool (likely)

  3. coppertop Avatar

    I didn’t think Maddie could get anymore maddening but no I was very wrong. I wish she would run away. Sick to the teeth of her.

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