Month: October 2014

  • A bit previous, Brax

    A bit previous, Brax

  • A chance for redemption

    A chance for redemption

    While engaging in some classic leaning, Brax told Casey about himself and Ricky trying for a baby. Casey managed to persuade him to help Andy, he needs the support that the Braxton boys gave each other if he’s to turn his life around. Brax held out a hand of friendship to Andy but got it…

  • HSC hooning

    HSC hooning

    In the space of one episode, Sasha went from failing her HSC to, um, not failing it. Zac was just acting the tough teacher for a while. Matt owned up to his amazing poetry skills, and all was well. Oscar loves that oul’ gym. He can’t get enough. Or, maybe he can; 8 chest extensions…

  • The house warming

    The house warming

    DJ phoebe is laying down some phat beats in Angelo’s, much to Kyle’s annoyance as she’s disturbed the lunchtime rush. Kyle was trying to give Ricky a handy day in work as he thought she might be pregnant. Phoebe noticed his completely obvious behaviour and he let it slip, the bleedin’ dope. He swore her…

  • I’m really happy, Nate

    I’m really happy, Nate

    Ah Sophie. You are screwed now. Don’t you know that pride comes before a fall, especially in Summer Bay? From here, there’s nowhere to go but down. Sure, as soon as you left the room, Dr. MegaMuscles was looking worried. The principal and the doctor have a nice new gaff. Very mod-ren altogether. Andy came…

  • Kidnap and torture

    Kidnap and torture

    RTE player staff got a bit confused with Friday’s episode. This sounds like a plot from ten years ago. Cody and his toughs turned up to get some info on Andy’s whereabouts. First they put the hurt on Casey at the gym but all that succeeded in doing was dragging Brax away from the house…

  • This happened yesterday

    This happened yesterday

    Dear @RTEplayer why are you denying me Summer Bay access? #homeandaway — Morag Bellingham (@homeandawayIE) October 15, 2014

  • Safe house

    Safe house

    Brax just cannot help himself. If there is a problem to be fixed, he can’t ignore it for long. He gave Andy money from Angelo’s, as a loan, to pay off the dealers. Andy disappeared and now there are angry dealers and an angry Kyle to put up with. The newest Braxton is not impressed…

  • Andy goes AWOL

    Andy goes AWOL

    Casey and Josh are looking for Andy, he’s gone missing and isn’t answering their calls. It turns out the dealers kidnapped him and gave him a good bashing. They dumped him on the side of the road where Hannah found him. When he was found he had a hoodie on but when he arrived into…

  • Drunk Leah

    Drunk Leah

    Leah and Sophie went to lunch in Angelo’s, to have a very civilised face-off. A few home truths were declared, and a few glasses of wine drunk. Sophie suggested Leah should get back on the dating scene. Chris, who had been eavesdropping for some reason, told the two ladies they were rides. Nate came to…