One last surf

One last surf

Well, that was amazing. In one episode, Connie came around, handed Darcy over to  Heath, Bianca showed up, and they all disappeared off to The City, never to be seen again. It was like an Irish wake in Famine times. “When will I see you again?”, “Ah sure, I don’t know”. I’m fairly sure The City is not that far away.

Ricky showed her true colours as a Home and Away aficionado when she used a theme song lyric to berate Connie, “you know they belong together”. Her guilt trip worked wonders, and Connie agreed that the Heathcliff Braxton family would be better as one household.

The Boyz went for ONE LAST SURF. Kyle was hanging back, leaving the original crew to it, until Brax muttered “You coming or what?”. They all had a topless pow-wow on the beach, then Brax, Heath and Casey went for a surf. Why did Kyle get topless if he wasn’t even going to swim? And it looked like The Boyz were only body-boarding anyway, he could’ve managed that.

Go in the effing sea, at least
Go in the effing sea, at least

Back at the gaff, Phoebe stood up to Chezza, who just shrugged. Harley wore an amazing hat for his final scenes.


Now that the Braxton numbers have been decimated, Brax has reluctantly agreed to have a baby with Ricky. He needs more troops to continue his reign of the Bay. He’ll be the next Alfred Stewart in no time.






8 responses to “One last surf”

  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    So sad. So happy. So relieved. So devastated.
    Ricky and Brax’s baby will have a lot to live up to in the hat stakes.

  2. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Gutted Heath is gone! Splitting up the Braxtons is a bad buzz.

    Gonna have to change my phone screensaver now from this:

    TO WHAT?! Can’t somebody please think of the screensaver….

    Why is he leaving do we know, is Hollywood calling?

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Excellent screensaver, although I though Drew himself might feature, given your name. It’s tough to decide who you should replace him with, you need someone hotheaded, with surfing ability. Strewth.

  4. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Perhaps I should stay loyal to my namesake and go with Drew? Check him out nowadays! Still would…

  5. Strikemeroan Avatar

    From rowdy crim to sitcom dad, Heath Braxton has had a helluva ride. Let us raise a glass of Oi to the dumbest, funnest Braxton of them all.


  6. Ailsa Avatar

    A fine description

  7. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Love that toast.

    That looks like Sophie in the shot with Drew. Speaking of Drew, he obviously doesn’t mind getting his shirt off in films! (Didn’t he complain after leaving H&A that he felt pressured by directors to be shirtless all the time?)

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