No future

There is an awful lot of miscommunication in relation to Darcy and her injury. Connie went to the hospital and spoke to the Nate to try to get to the bottom of it but didn’t really get anywhere.  Heath lost it with Brax over his advice to not to leg it with the kids. Connie had a showdown with Heath and told him off over his poor parenting skills. She told him to drop the custody attempt as he doesn’t stand a chance, it’ll just end up upsetting Darcy.

Sasha tried to persuade Matt that he could achieve something in life but he wasn’t buying it, he reckons his future will be spent delivering pizzas or in a cleaning job. Sash thinks the world is his oyster but he is thinking along the lines of the sex pistols: there’s no future, no future, no future for you.

Sophie took a pregnancy test which was negative but it turns out she just had appendicitis.  Now Nate is worried that she’ll be back on the painkillers given her history with them.  She’s bound to have a relapse at some stage, maybe herself and Zac can have a pills and booze party in the head master’s office?

4 thoughts on “No future”

  1. Do we know its negative? I totally thought she was whipping out the Disprin when she first took the test out of her bag. Love an h&a addiction storyline, just takes one episode to reach rock bottom and you are on the beach knocking back the Salty sea dog out of a brown paper bag
    I miss Sasha’s fingerless gloves and she seems to have mislaid her purple hair extension recently

  2. Maybe Sid can loan Sophie and Zac his ditch for their pills ‘n’ booze party. It’s just going to waste otherwise.

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