Cop caller

Spencer is insistant that he’s going to call the cops, despite Josh having told him that Andy got rid of the drugs. Unbeknownst to Josh,  Andy had just hidden them on the farm rather than getting rid of them. The cops turned up to question Andy and took him in for questioning in front of Hannah, Josh and Evie. Josh saw Spencer on the beach and blamed him for Andy’s arrest and punched his lights out, even though Spencer denied calling the old bill in the first place.

Psychic twins alert! Ozone knew that Evie was upset by using his mental powers. Evie went to confront Zac over his plan to move out. He can’t handle Andy and Hannah so he wants to leave them to it but the twins want him to stay.

Darcy was missing so Heath and Brax went looking for her. She was afraid to go to the hospital with her sore arm. Some friend of Darcy’s went to the hospital once and didn’t get to return home so Darcy was afraid that the same thing might happen to her.





2 responses to “Cop caller”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    I’m glad that’s all that was wrong with Darcy. When she cut her arm I had flashbacks to Shane cutting himself on chicken wire, getting septicaemia and dying, years and years ago. I’ve had a fear of loose chicken wire ever since.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Chicken wire is lethal, obviously!

    That was a very weird Darcy storyline.

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