Roo riddle

Interesting choice of headwear, Teach

Home and Away is like an episode of House at the moment; Roo picked up a virus somewhere on her travels, and it’s up to Alf and his merry bunch to find out why. According to Colleen,¬†she left Vegas weeks ago. Our money is on a Martha-and-Hugo visit, maybe with some people smuggling thrown in, for good measure?

Darcy and Heath are on their best behaviour, ahead of his custody claim. But Sophie (dressed as a squaw) asked Heath for a meeting, to discuss school matters. What’s that about?

Ricky still wants a bub.

Spencer and Chris miraculously found Andy’s drugs, under his van. They should work for YCPD drugs squad.

Interesting choice of headwear, Teach
Interesting choice of headwear, Teach

5 thoughts on “Roo riddle”

  1. What’s the verdict on the squaw look? I’m thinking Alanna from The Girl From Tomorrow. Maybe Sophie was jealous of all the attention Harley gets for his headwear choices.

  2. If I’d Maddie whinging at me as I’m lying in an I.C. bed like she was at Roo, I’d be inclined to give up & flat line!

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