There is great mickey-swinging going on down at the farm at the moment. Oscar (aka Ozone) was starting his community service with conflicting advice from Zac and Andy. Zac advocated keeping his head down, while Andy said Ozone should go in all guns blazing, so that no-one would mess with him. Guess who was right? Poor Oscar ended up like something out of True Blood, once the local hoons were finished with him.

Vampire Oscar
Vampire Oscar

In a related matter, apparently you can do community service topless in Australia.

Vests optional
Vests optional

Kyle and Phoebe are moving in together, and looking for a flat. They are very fussy. As a friend of ours might say, it’s not their forever house. Anyway, they remembered that Kyle being a former convict might prove tricky. No way, lads?

Roo has meningitis I hear. She’s been out of action for a good while now, should I ready the wall of death?






3 responses to “Ozone”

  1. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    Did Oscar resort to scoffing a jar of jam after his sandwich was stolen?

  2. Flathead Avatar

    I think Ozone needs to toughen up. I’m sure he’ll get a bad boy, gone off the rails storyline at some stage. Maybe he’ll join the River boys?

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    A jar of jam! I wouldn’t put it past him.

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