A mud hut in Mangrove River

John and Marilyn were having trouble fitting in at the caravan park, so they decided to look at buying a new property. However, purchasing was proving too expensive, so renting was the next option they considered. Hannah and Oscar chipped in with some impromptu real estate advice, but the lovebirds finally decided to give John’s house another go. Much ado about nothing there, lads.

Heath was offering advice too. He told Andy that Hannah clearly doesn’t consider him her relationship equal. Andy took this on board and confronted Hannah.

Phoebe went off half-cocked and decided to sell anything her father ever gave. Luckily, Kyle (in a YOLO tshirt) talked some sense into her.

YOLO, Kyle
YOLO, Kyle

Roo was still complaining of “jet lag”. She mentioned it four or five times. Now, when someone complains of an ailment in Summer Bay, they usually die of it shortly after (see Gina and her headaches). Roo later collapsed due to said mystery ailment. So, what do ye reckon? Cancaaah?

Harley wore another hat.





2 responses to “A mud hut in Mangrove River”

  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Heath had some brilliant lines today. Seeing the garage sale and asking does someone need bail money and asking Ricky to walk with him cos people think he’s weird on his own talking to the baby.
    I reckon some sort of brain thing with Roo. Something completely crazy and random that only Dr Accent will be able to diagnose.

  2. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Stroke I think .. or something like it …

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