Bruised egos

Roo returned but wasn’t in too much of a hurry to say why she came back early. Maybe Coleen was getting on her nerves? Roo gave Marilyn a crystal ball which prompted her to say she might start doing readings again. How many businesses is she going to start and then drop? What happened to the tour bus.

Maddie happy to have Roo back. She told Roo things are better than ever, she even asked to move into a van with him, bizarre behaviour.

Kyle wants Phoebe to snap out of her funk so he offered her an amazing gig, a musical residency at Angelo’s. She is so down about her dog Dad, even that opportunity of a lifetime failed to cheer her up. Maybe she’s afraid she’s part canine? To clear the air she’s going to sell everything her Dad ever gave her. Garage sale time.

Casey is nursing a bruised jaw and ego. Chris punched him and then Denny wouldn’t answer his call. Kyle went after Casey to stop him going after Chris, but it’s Denny he’s looking for. He went to the farm for answers but all he got was a bag of frozen peas to put on his bruise, but they didn’t last, she asked for them back when she kicked him out. Kyle told him to cool it and give her space. In the meantime she called over to Chris’s where he was laying low, for fear of Braxton retaliation. She asked him to give it another go but he wasn’t interested. So now that she’s free and single, herself and Casey are going to give it a go, taking things slowly, they’ll make a nice couple.





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  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    But the Maddening One and Josh didn’t break up? They’re going to make it all about them now after Evie warned Maddening to change her ways.
    Really not getting why Marilyn had John and Jett move in to the house when they have their own. That house always seemed to fit a lot more when it was full of foster kids. There always seemed to be two teenage girls, two teenage boys, Sally, Christopher and Pippa and Michael.

  2. Flathead Avatar

    You’re dead right, they didn’t break up, they got back together. I found that storyline so boring that I forgot the conclusion of it.

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