Romances rejigged

It’s all about the romances down Summer Bay way, look at all the recent changes:

  • Chris and Denny broke up
  • Casey and Denny are about to get together
  • Maddie and Josh are surely on the rocks
  • Evelyn will be there to pick up the pieces
  • Nate and Sophie won’t be together too long
  • Hannah might like a go of the doc, or Leah
  • Marilyn and John are trialling Alf’s gaff (and leaving John’s house empty, for some mad reason)

Casey got a punch to the face, courtesy of Chris – that’s one for the Braxton punch count. Denny is too much of a wet blanket for Chris anyhow.


Roo is back! It took her a while to get her massive dresses through customs, but she’s made it back to the bay safely. Oh my gawdfather!

John likes weak tea, the total weirdo.


Braxton punch count: 1





One response to “Romances rejigged”

  1. coppertop Avatar

    Delighted Chris punched Casey! Wait until he finds out that Casey kissed Denny. Denny is not a good match for Chris. She is always moaning and pulling weird faces.

    I wonder what ails Roo now. She definitely hasn’t returned with a happy story. I wish Colleen would come back. Hoo roo!

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