King of the idiots

We had a strange experience watching todays episode on the RTE player. After a few minutes the picture went and we were left listening to it. It was like listening to the Archers on BBC radio 4.

Matt doesn’t want to be school captain with Sasha, he feels their relationship would suffer. Sash doesn’t agree and crowned him King of the idiots. Will he be more Solomon or Henry VIII? Leah tried to talk Matt into doing it with Sasha, he reckons she’s just being nosy, but she managed to talk him around. Matt and Sasha are going to become joint captains.

Darcy fancies Jett but he’s not interested which upset her, he friend zoned but she was hoping for more, the age gap was too severe according to him. Heath tried to get to the bottom of it with Jett but just ended up embarrassing Darcy.

Heath is struggling with raising Harley on his own. He almost starved to death with all of the baby chores and had to go to the Diner and order two burgers. Hungry Heath. He then left the baby with John and Marilyn while he headed off. They had a great time minding the baby, I thought Marilyn was going to suggest they have a child of their own.

Dr. Accent wants to get back together with Sophie, Leah doesn’t approve. Maybe there could be a future love interest between them?

Harley hat count: 1
Braxton punch count: 0
Do babies need hats in Austrailia? Looked pretty hot there today.





5 responses to “King of the idiots”

  1. Summer_Babe Avatar

    I feel like I’ve missed three episodes before this one – was it discussed at the Braxton Barbie that Darcy was going to stay around and go to Summer Bay High? This must be the umpeenth time Heath says he’s going for custody – he acted like it was the first!!

  2. Strikemeroan Avatar

    How is Darcy 12 already? She was only about 7 or 8 when she first appeared if I remember correctly. Was it really 4 years ago?! Or has the Summer Bay Time Warp (TM) struck again.
    Also, she transitioned remarkably easily from thinking one Braxton was her dad, to realising it was another. You’d swear Heath has been minding her since she was the size of Harley, the way he goes on.

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    And also, what makes him think the granny will be ok with it this time? He just took a notion.

  4. coppertop Avatar

    Yep we haven’t seen Granny Braxton since she said Casey was the ‘wanted’ baby. In the real world she’d be unlikely to change her tune about giving Heathcliff custody.

  5. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Granny Eile is in Wentworth Prison now.

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