I just want to get on with my punishment

Oscar is the biggest martyr yet. He is feeling very guilty about nearly killing Tamara, and is only dying for someone to give him a bashing or similar as punishment. He got 100 hours of parks and rec. That won’t help his panic attacks. Neither will getting advice from Andy Barrett.

Andy was also doling out love advice to Casey. Young Braxton told Denny to keep her distance, then was all confused when she tried to cancel her gym membership, then went to meet her on the beach for a pash. Wait till Chris gets wind of this.

Marilyn is gearing up for the wedding of the century, and John couldn’t care less. Roo is coming home for help with the preparations, though. I think she should bring Colleen on a holiday from Vegas.

Back to Oscar – he’s another creative prodigy. How come all the kids at Summer Bay High are deadly at art?

Phoebe was going to call the cops on her dad, but the Braxton bros convinced her otherwise. She just phoned him up and gave out to him instead.

Max make-up
Max make-up





9 responses to “I just want to get on with my punishment”

  1. Beachlover Avatar

    Oh to get a tweezers at Kyle’s left eyebrow :’o It was weird seeing the queen of eye makeup with smudged makeup tho!
    I really hope Denny and Casey become a proper thingy , fed up of the other fella at this stage :/ Casey must have the love bug bad, anyone else see him ankle deep in the water for his big smooch in his runners? Maybe they come free with the job :p
    some insane drawings the last while too!!

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Loved Oscar’s drawing. I think (hope) we can expect a visit from Dead Daddy Ethan soon!!!

  3. coppertop Avatar

    The last time we saw Oska drawing was when he was in the cult and remembering Evie. H&A must’ve hired their artist for a few weeks. Wonder how many more drawings we will see.
    Anyone else notice that Phoebe’s eyeshadow was a brighter shade of green. I’d say the makeup artists had ran out of a month’s supply of the other green eyeshadow.

  4. coppertop Avatar

    I think the latest poll should’ve let us pick numerous people because lets face it we all wanted to pick more than one. Not surprised that Maddening Maddie is topping the poll.

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    It’s to teach ye discipline, coppertop, concentrate on who you REALLY hate. 😉

  6. coppertop Avatar

    It’s clear that we all really hate Maddening Maddie. If I see her do one more hop, skip and jump I will scream at the telly. She is infuriating.

  7. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    I hate myself for it, but Andy amazing sex Barrett made me laugh the other day when he was with Oscar! Please don’t let him grow on me, Shhh Coppertop don’t tell Ailsa but if you had to pick another one who would you erase from the show. Mine is Zac,

  8. Strikemeroan Avatar

    I second on erasing Zac (after Maddie is dispatched first, of course). Hannah too. The way they keep fussing over Oscar is driving me (and him) demented.

  9. coppertop Avatar

    I’d pick Josh. I’d love to cut his hair and tell him to stop pulling stupid faces. Then I’d pick Evie. She is just as annoying as Maddening Maddie. Then I’d pick Hannah. Then I’d pick Denny. Denny is becoming increasingly annoying and with every new scene she is in I get the urge to fast forward.

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