Family meeting

Brax called a family meeting and then proceeded to tell the gang that there was no point to the meeting, he just wanted to see them all and get a progress report. It wasn’t quite what they were all expecting, these things normally involve assassination attempts or somebody being sent to jail. Brax is worried about the boys and wants to have more input from them, some involvement in their lives. He even volunteered to babysit Harley. They had a massive barbie in the garden, looked like a great time, complete with crap music and burnt snags. Brax seemed disappointed that there’s no drama with his bros. Be careful what you wish for Darryl.

Phoebe is still worried about the shooting as she doesn’t know that her Dad was behind it. Brax told Kyle to fess up and tell her the truth which he had to do eventually, she was suitably gob smacked when she found out her Dad is a dog.

Denny is having second thoughts about Chris. He pales in comparison to Casey in her eyes. Hannah asked her whats going on and she told her that she’s going off him, she finds him a bit annoying now. Chris tried to call over to Denny’s but she was having a girl’s night.

Spencer confronted Evelyn about her having the hots for Josh but she wasn’t impressed. Maddie copped on too and told Josh so it won’t be long before Evelyn finds out that everyone else knows. Cue Josh calling over and telling her he knows but she denied it and said it was all in Spencer’s head.

Braxton punch count: 0
Harley hat count: 1





3 responses to “Family meeting”

  1. Ailsa Avatar

    A dog hahaahahahaha it’s the best insult ever in homeandawayland.

  2. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    haha burnt snags, thought it was steaks when I heard but it didn’t sound right. Girls night looked complete shite! I love in H&A, when someone give relationship advice, they go a bit dreamy and realise it applies to them too! Loving the dog insult, obvs way better used on a male.

  3. Flathead Avatar

    The girls nights are always rubbish. It just seems to involve putting on your pyjamas, eating popcorn and watching rom coms while moaning. Boys nights look way better crack, downing shots in Angelo’s or going on a bender in the city.

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