John had an elaborate proposal plan for Marilyn, he gave her a metal detector and let her find it in the front garden. It went down a treat, I’d say they’ll be happy now.

Denny wasn’t too happy with Casey telling her about his feelings. She thought they were mates but he wanted more. They’re going to try to keep things on a friendship basis or so they say. How long will they stay in the friendzone before Chris gets his p45? About 2 episodes I reckon.

Speaking of the friendzone, Evelyn and Spencer had been concentrating on their exams so had no time for romance. Once they finished them, Spence wanted to get back in the groove but Evelyn was having none of it. She has her eye on some other buchaill, Josh perhaps?

Himself and Maddie seem to be drifting apart because she is class at exams and studying but he finds it tough. When she finished her exam paper she exclaimed “I’m finished” to the class and skipped out of the room. I would have dumped her for that if I were him.

Braxton punch count: 0

8 thoughts on “Friendzone”

  1. Soooo getting dumped after that display, and then waving in the window at them!! walk in the park she says after in the diner. Evie is dead though when it happens 🙂

  2. Forgot to mention how lovely Marilyn ring is, mahooosive!! Obvs John has been using the metal detector down the beach collecting loose change for a while! So cute when she said it was the first piece of jewellery she ever got that she liked from a man

  3. Sorry to be a party pooper but I do not like that ring, it looks like it came out of a Christmas cracker. But Marilyn is happy, that’s all that matters 🙂

    Maddie is doing the seemingly impossible – being so annoying that she’s making me feel sympathy for Evie.

    Spence will be in the friend zone forever. It’s the way he wears his shirts buttoned all the way up. Oscar needs to watch and learn.

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