“We’re a strong couple”

So said Bianca as she discussed the possibility of moving to a new school. Strong is right, they’ve survived both of them cheating, a break-up, a possible divorce and an amazingly quick turn-around to becoming devoted husband and wife again. Anyway, she is off to the new job and Heath is staying in the Bay. She’ll be back at weekends. I doubt this’ll last.

Nate told Sophie the principal’s office tryst won’t be happening again. It turns out she is a prescription drug addict, and Nate was her dealer! Good doctoring there.

Casey still fancies Denny, ooh he is doing it tough. Chris even thanked him for giving them space. Brax had a good laugh slagging Casey about it. Check out his advice-giving here.

So the youngest Braxton/Barrett summoned Denny to the gym after hours and told her how he really feels. She made this face.


Matt is sleeping in the school Wait till Sasha gets wind of this.

P.S. This was the holding image on the RTE player today. Confused the hell outta me.

Tamara go home
Tamara go home





2 responses to ““We’re a strong couple””

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    You should add a Harley Hat Watch to the list of Braxton things per episode. Today’s capa had a badass skull ‘n’ crossbones design on it.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Cute! Who is doing the hat shopping I wonder, is there a Mothercare in the Bay?

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