Bye bye Braxton

Why aren’t Heath and Andy better mates? They’re both dum and have dodgy pasts, and are currently trying to reform themselves for their partners.

Oscar is cured after a talk with Andy, he told him to get over it and he has. Hannah tricked Andy into giving Oscar a pep talk, which he did but he wasn’t happy with the position she put him in so he broke it off with her. What is he at?

Bianca and Heath are about to leave town due to her transfer, only one problem, Heath doesn’t know about it yet. She told him she was going to turn it down but he told her not to, that’s them done.

Nate isn’t getting on with his wife Sophie. It turns out that they met when he saved her from a car accident, is that ethical practice for a doctor? They had a showdown in her school office which rapidly turned into a steamy sex session. Maybe she can’t resist his accent?

Braxton punch count: 0
Braxton “dog” count: 0

3 thoughts on “Bye bye Braxton”

  1. Roid Rage. Yet another perfect nickname by Heath!
    Cannot stand Andy. Awful character. On the Summer Bay time line, should he not be a reformed character and pillar of the community by now?

  2. Oooh very steamy windows with Dr Topless. Wife Sophie likes her floaty dresses too, sure to fit right in! Not long Justice Bellingham, he is just about to break into emotional Andy, should be morphed by Fridays episode.

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