Magic beans

Chris needs to work on his business sense. He accepted a scratch card from a customer in place of cash, Irene thinks he may have well asked for magic beans. He apologized to Irene and she gave him the scratch card back. He won a cruise but gave it to Irene.

Casey is worried about being home on his own after the drive by, he told all to Denny in the diner. Chris is still a bit paranoid about Denny being mates with Casey so that was why he wouldn’t go on the cruise. He’s going to have a free gaff at Irene’s place but will have to work extra shifts at the diner due to his boss’s holiday. As a result, Denny called over to keep Casey company with pizza in hand. Does anybody in that town ever get sick of pizza? He gave her the eye, definitely something cooking between them.

Jett can’t afford to pay Denny for her work on the boat due to his pay dispute with John. Luckily for him Alf was on hand to offer him a job in the bait shop. He’ll soon be a salty sea dog like Denny and Alf. Marilyn got John & Jett to sit down and discuss their issues with pay, she’d make a good shop steward.

Sasha is annoyed with Matt and they had a row in the diner about who did and didn’t get it. He told her that her face is a complete tool, which didn’t go down well. He stripped off on the beach in front of the whole town, which worked as an apology somehow.

2 thoughts on “Magic beans”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever won more than about €20 on a ‘scratchie’. You hear stories about a friend’s mother’s cousin who won a grand, but I reckon they’re urban myths. No cruises, that’s for sure!

    How ‘Rene puts up with Chris beyond me. Constantly whining about his love life, cracking lame jokes, skiving off work, nearly killing half the town with his risotto & accepting scratch cards for payment – the woman is a saint to still have him in her job/house.

    What was the insult Jett threw Matt’s way when he was doling out love advice? It sounded like ‘boofhead’.

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