Maddie decided everyone at school was sad over Tamara leaving (nonsense), so she decided to throw a party. After Alf told her the caravan park was out-of-bounds, Marilyn offered up the surf club as a venue. Josh and Evelyn both declined the invite out of moodiness. Bleedin’ dopes.

Bianca offered to look after Harley until the Braxton shooter was brought to justice. As soon as she was left alone with the bub, though, she nearly had a panic attack. She is the most highly-strung school principal of all-time. She also randomly skips work to mind children. Anyway, all was well as soon as she picked up the baby, who was wearing an amazing hat.

Harley's amazing hat
Harley’s amazing hat





3 responses to “P-A-R-T-A-Y”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    I love when Alf is being all grumpy disciplinarian to gobby teens. He’s been the champ since the Original Roo days.

  2. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Oh God, Bianca’s scenes with Harley were so cringe, what was with the laughing and smiling. Is she cured now of mentalness by just holding him.. at least Harley saved the scene somewhat with his cute smiles and hat. Evie is officially mental too.

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Poor Harley is going to end up guaranteed mental, if Heath and Bianca are his parents.

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