Blood and Snow – Game of Thrones meets Home and Away

Given that H&A is on a break, we’ve decided to take you on a journey. We’re going to leave the sunny shores of Summer Bay and take you north to the cold and wild weather of the wall.

Jon Snow and Samwell Tarley stood atop the wall and surveyed the wild. Jon pulled his cloak tighter around his shoulders. It was cold, which was nothing new but the chill was worse than usual today.

“Winter is coming Sam. Mance Rayder will come at us soon, he knows the watch don’t have the numbers to hold out against his Wildlings for long. What of the new recruits we were promised by the Lord Commander?” said Jon.

Sam turned to his brother of the watch and tried to reassure him. “Four came in this morning, they’re being sent straight up here for training. They come from the south and aren’t dressed in the Night’s watch uniform yet, we’re low on supplies. I hear the lift approaching, here they are now. You four stand to attention. Jon, these are Darryl, Heath, Casey & Kyle Braxton.”


Jon saw four rough looking types slouch over to them. They were wearing shorts and vests, not typical attire for those on the wall. The first seemed like he was their leader, he put his hands on the ledge and bent over as if bowing under the weight on his shoulders.

The second one looked a bit slow to Jon’s eye, he had a strange tattoo on his neck. “This one will not take authority well”, thought Jon, “I’ll have to watch him”.

The third had a wild eyed look to him. Jon thought he could rely on this one to give his all or nothing, there would be very little in between.

The final man had his jaw jutted out and was saying nothing, unlike the others. Jon looked at him and thought “I think have something I can work with here, he’ll follow orders.”

They fell into a rough line in front of the two nights watchmen. Jon addressed them. “Right you men, i don’t know why you’re here …”

“The judge said it was either come here or back to jail” said the tattooed one.

“It matters not now, you’re men of the night’s watch from this day to your last. You’ll stand on the wall and defend it from all who would see it fall. Your training starts now. Go down to Castle Black and get kitted out by the stewards.” Jon eyed them again, they didn’t look too happy with the situation.

“I don’t give a stuff about your wall or your training, I’m going for a surf” said the same one. His elder brother restrained him and said “the sea’s frozen over you goose, use your head!”

Just then a horn blast rang out, then another. “Wildlings!”, shouted Sam. “Quick, take a sword from the rack, your training is going to be harder than I had hoped. This is going to be a long night” said Jon and they’ll be lucky to live through it, he thought.

What happened next? You tell us in the comments.





4 responses to “Blood and Snow – Game of Thrones meets Home and Away”

  1. Summer Avatar

    haha, brilliant! “The third had a wild eyed look to him”- couldn’t stop laughing. Sorry, not imaginative enough to continue the story, but looking forward to hearing more 🙂

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    I’d say Heath got stuck in, waving his sword around and occasionally hitting someone. Brax probably had to restrain him in the end. Kyle probably had a face-off with someone, and Casey stared someone to death.

  3. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    I am also fecking USELESS with storywriting, although I love both H&A and GOT so this is an ideal post….

    Just thought you guys might like to see the Fishers, 2014 style!

  4. Strikemeroan Avatar

    That picture is amazing.
    Sorry I couldn’t contribute to the story, but I haven’t seen Game of Thrones so it’d be a very uninformed contribution. I do like the ‘wild-eyed Braxton’ reference tho…
    Thank the Gawdfathers it’s back!!

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