Kidnapping by a kid

D’Arcy wasn’t feeling appreciated by Heath & Bianca so she showed her true Braxton abilities by kidnapping her baby brother, that will get their attention.

Marilyn was missing for Gina’s memorial, but turned up afterward to clear things up with John. She got a plaque dedicated to Gina for a public bench which he was thrilled with.

Bianca reported Zac for the booze, he asked her not to but she said she had to. He went to the beach for a drink and some self pity, that will make things better. The twins found him asleep in his car so Oscar came up with the good idea of driving him home. Oscar’s driving skills aren’t great and he hit Tamara by accident, leaving her in a crumpled heap on the side of the road.

Spencer is into Evelyn and she likes him too, new romance ahoy.






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