Away (not home)

We’ve gone to the City/the Whitsundays/Uni, and will be back shortly; tell us what’s happening down Summer Bay way. We are particularly interested in ridiculous ensembles.






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  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    Ricky was wearing the most godawful looking combo of patterned leggings & cowboy boots today. Never seen a more unflattering outfit. She won’t get away with those kinds of fashion faux pas in London! (Oh yeah, she’s moving to London for that photography job, and of course has to leave IMMEDIATELY)

  2. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Ricky had on a particularly godawful pair of patterned leggings & cowboy boots on yesterday, never seen a more unflattering outfit in the Bay and there’s been some stiff competition. She won’t get away with those kinda of fashion faux pas in London. (Oh yeah, she got the photography job in London, and in typical H&A fashion has to leave RIGHT AWAY)

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Interesting. She’s probably gone by now?

  4. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Not yet, but B(ianca) has decided she’s coming too. She reckoned Heath is gonna have to be a full time dad to baby Harley cos his mum is dying of cancer, and B can’t be a part of that. (She didn’t tell Heath any of this of course, far be it for anyone in the Bay to talk about their marriage problems. She just went to the next level with Zac and packed her suitcase)

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    WHAT? Bianca and Heath are a joke of a couple. How handy that yer wan is dying, pure H&A!

  6. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Avatar

    Australia to UK visas are mad easy to get aren’t they?! Zero red tape getting in the way of Ricky or Bianca making a move.

  7. Ailsa Avatar

    Hahaha maybe there is a special dispensation for people coming from Summer Bay?

  8. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Ok so how many brother does Casey have now cos he’s not related to Kyle now and Johnny wasn’t Andy’s real dad. 3.5 maybe?

  9. coppertop Avatar

    So it looks like H&A writers and Hugo were right about brain explosions. They clearly are ahead of science in the Bay. Who knew?!!

  10. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Ok now all the Braxtons minus Kyle have gone to London – Brax for Ricky, Heath for Bianca and Casey for shits & giggles. Cheryl revealed that Johnny Barrett was in fact Casey’s real father. Barrets/Braxtons – basically all one family. It was good to see Cheryl again. Colleen broke her toe & rang Alf and co about twenty million times about it till Roo agreed to go to Vegas to look after her. Maybe she’ll meet up with that first hubby of hers, whatever happened to him?! John asked Marilyn to organise his gaff but she lost the run of herself a bit with pink candles & feng shui. They sorted it out tho, they always do, those crazy kidz.

  11. Ailsa Avatar

    WTF?? Will Casey have to change his second name? Is Kyle actually more of a Braxton? Also, going to Vegas for a toe injury seems a bit extreme but I suppose Roo deserves a holiday!

  12. Strikemeroan Avatar

    The trip to Vegas is all expenses paid apparently; Colleen must be doing well on the slot machines. Roo was worried about leaving the ‘kids’ for a while but sure they never stop having dramz, no point waiting for a gap! I guess this revelation does in face make Kyle a truer Braxton than Casey. Case is gonna feel prett-y stupid about that ‘All or Nothing’ tattoo when he finds out. Well, he should feel stupid about that anyway.

  13. Strikemeroan Avatar

    I hope you DVRd today’s ep cos it was brilliant – Braxtons went on tour to London! They rode on the Tube! Played darts in the pub! Casey went sightseeing!
    They were going to try and get Bianca & Ricky to come home. Bianca blurted out that she slept with Zac over a pint in The Pillars of Hercules in Soho, then fled into the rainy night.

  14. Ailsa Avatar

    Ah brilliant! They should’ve brought Marilyn, she could’ve taken them to the country and shown them around her old Emmerdale haunts!

  15. Strikemeroan Avatar

    The whole London jaunt is great gas altogether. Last we saw, Heath had a new Pom girlfriend and Brax was hit by a car while chasing Ricky around the Tower of London.
    IRL, Casey took the opportunity to launch the latest Braxton nightclub tour of Ireland. When is Alf coming, that’s what I want to know

  16. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Sorry, it’s Casey that has the new girlfriend, not Heath. Him and Bianca are still trying to patch things up, sort of.

  17. Ailsa Avatar

    I would’ve believed it though. Bet Casey’s eyes are popping out of his head the whole time!

  18. coppertop Avatar

    Maddie is still as maddening as ever. She is all over jutty jaw whatever his name is like a maddening, itchy rash. Strewth! I wonder how he’ll react when he hears that Casey is his brother.
    It is funny how Roo was so concerned about someone looking out for Maddening Maddie while she went off to look after Colleen. No mention of poor Spencer. Is she not his unofficial guardian too?
    The Brax/security guard stand-off was silly. Poor Brax still doesn’t know about Ricky and her pregnancy. What is Beeeyonka supposed to be doing in London?! So far she has been walking down side streets and drinking takeaway coffee. No mention of who is running the school while she has gone which is strange considering there was such drama over her getting the job in the first place.
    I hope Dr Accent goes to London too. Surely he must’ve sussed that the Braxton Brigade have gone over all sirens blaring.

  19. dee byrne Avatar

    Well what I want to know is, how did the three braxton brothers get to travel to London at a moments notice and all manage to get through border patrol with their criminal records!
    And Chris may have poisoned the customers at the Diner with his signature risotto dish. They are dropping down left, right and centre. Dr Accent to the rescue!!

  20. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Hospital fever! Some drama tonight, Chris made a risotto with wild mushrooms and now the residents are dropping like flies, thankfully the hospital reopened complete with helium balloons and cheese and wine. We even have Brax housed up in st. Thomas’s in London Town. Special mention to Dr topless eating his breakfast mmm ( not his cereal)

  21. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Anyone feel like H&A has become an exciting hospital drama? From Brax in London to Leah & co. in the Bay, the drama and tension is never-ending!!
    I hope Alf is ok, wonder if he’s looking to retire from the show… maybe he will join the others on the Wall of Death? (sob!)

  22. Ailsa Avatar

    Oh no, hope Alf pulls through! Can’t believe Brax is still oblivious about the pregnancy, that must be the best-kept secret in the history of the show.

  23. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    London Fashion has been lovely, not often you see winter coats in the Bay, but Ricky’s red one and Bianca’s winter white number is gorgeous. Chris the flaming Gallah will save Alf, anyone catch Alf saying “Ailsa will run rings around him if he didnt get back soon”

  24. Strikemeroan Avatar

    I did hear Alf mentioning Ailsa, it was lovely. I hate seeing Alf sick – stupid Chris and his death cap mushroom risotto.
    It absolutely is like a hospital drama recently – St Thomas’s vs Yabbie Creek Regional!

  25. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Alf is recovering! Thank the gawdfathers. Now his only problem is Marilyn fussing over him 24/7. He’s losing his flamin’ mind.
    Leah is doing it very tough; she needs a liver transplant. Apparently they can use part of a living person’s liver, so the whole Bay have volunteered to be tested to see if there’s a match. No doubt Nate will be conducting this rare and complicated operation despite the fact that we’ve never seen him doing surgery before.
    Zac went on the lash cos he was upset about his love life. Tamara had to carry him home from Angelo’s. (Which briefly re-opened when Kyle came back from Melbourne, but then Phoebe the eyeshadow fan followed him back, so he’s thinking of taking off again). While Zac was out boozing, Evie sneaked a look at the Year 11 exam papers (oh yeah, Zac is acting principal while Bianca is on her London jolly).
    Spenzz kissed Maddie, Josh doesn’t know, it’s all very boring. Alf did yell at Josh to get ‘on yer bike’ when he caught them getting hot n heavy on the couch, which was fun.

  26. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    I am making mushroom risotto for dinner tonight, going to get the mushrooms in the shop though, Valuable lesson learned, similar to Sam being electrocuted by putting a fork in the toaster many years ago.

  27. Ailsa Avatar

    Good call Yabbie Creeker, make sure you’re not home alone for ages after, just in case.

  28. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Best part of Friday was Phoebe only finding out that Brax’s real name is Darrell and Kyle asking did she think his name was Brax Braxton!
    I can’t understand tho how Brax was allowed fly with a broken leg, nevermind a head injury and sore ribs from resuscitation!

  29. coppertop Avatar

    Exactly Justice Bellingham. He even discharged himself from hospital! So funny when Phoebe said his name is Darrell. I thought Denny’s name was just Denny until Alfred started calling her Denise. Those Aussies are mad for the nicknames. The Braxtons and Ricky got over their jet-lag fairly lively so lively infact that the first thing Ricky did was to attend the community meeting. Anyone hear of bed?!!

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