Month: May 2014

  • Drop the bomb

    Casey is struggling to adjust after Brax dropped the Barrett bombshell. He didn’t want to discuss it with Brax, he just walked off for a mope in the gym on his own. Andy told Casey he quit the gym job, then told Josh to stay away from┬áhis long lost bro. Brax came into the gym…

  • TBTG: Home and Away’s Alf never to retire, sez he

    The Radio Times interviewed Ray Meagher, aka Alf Stewart and found out that he has no intention of going anywhere (ya flamin’ galah). Good news for a rainy Thursday!

  • Look what the cat dragged in

    Spencer found Matt sleeping on the doorstep of Irene’s house so he passed him onto Sasha. She got him showered, dressed and took him to Leah’s. She followed the Summer Bay tradition of taking him in without a second thought. Matt and Sasha celebrated with a pash on the beach. Spencer won’t be happy when…

  • Zac off the rails

    Zac is now a daytime-drinking, husband-hitting, colleague-cursing mess. Hannah has threatened to move out, and take the kids with her. Secretly, though, she lurves him and is annoyed that he took it to the next level with Bianca. Chris, Spencer, Phoebe, Jett, John and Marilyn saved the diner by luring customers in with a master…

  • Diner on a downer

    Business is bad at the diner. The risotto food poisoning incident put all of the customers off eating there, which isn’t surprising. Marilyn was given the day off due to lack of customers but decided to go the whole hog and handed her notice into Irene. Things are so bad that she’s considering closing the…

  • Harley, is it?

    I have a question: why does Heath have the baby if the ma isn’t dead yet? Harley started roaring when he met Cheryl, an appropriate response, some might say. Matt was trying to be all things to his little sister while their da is in jail. Sasha has some form in this area, so she…

  • A very Braxton thing to do

    Fighting a man from your hospital bed? Unsure of your parentage? Keeping secrets unnecessarily? Topless 50%+ of the time? Use the word “Oi” excessively? Work intermittently? Swan into and out of jail for a crime you didn’t commit? Congratulations, you’re a Braxton!

  • Catching up

    Catching up

    Sure, they look like locals already!

  • Away (not home)

    We’ve gone to the City/the Whitsundays/Uni, and will be back shortly; tell us what’s happening down Summer Bay way. We are particularly interested in ridiculous ensembles.