What happened today?

  • Heath met Jess
  • Bianca saw them and got the hump
  • Irene told her to cop on
  • Heath tried to sort it out with Bianca
  • She made him choose between her and the baby
  • Jess went into labour
  • Matt kissed Sash
  • Matt told Spencer
  • Spencer punched Matt
  • Sasha apologised to Spencer
  • He is sick of her drama and dumped her
  • Jett blackmailed Sasha to get on the council
  • Jett is using the student council to commemorate Gina

I’d say Sasha and Matt will be doing a line before long.

2 thoughts on “Fallout”

  1. How long of a break does the show take for Christmas in Oz? Heath and Beeyonka got married around a week or two before I did and that’s only 6mths ago this week. Is baby Harley not premature? Or full term and not Heath’s?
    Oh and not one, not two, not even three but FOUR babies playing him. Doesn’t beat the record of 5 babies playing Rocco for a few minutes one episode.

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