The twins have decided that Denny is going to stay in the farm, Evelyn is going to share her room. Hannah and Zac are a bit surprised, they got ambushed by the kids. Hannah still wants a romantic relationship with Zac but he’s being evasive so she headed off for a bit of alone time on the beach. While there she ran into Dr Accent and Andy, which was a good opportunity for flirting. Denny has spotted that Zac and Evelyn are involved but he told her it’s complicated, meanwhile Hannah and Andy were on the lock in Angelo’s. They had a laugh but no next level for Andy yet. Zac was jealous when she came in late. When will those two cop on and get it on?

Heath got Jess to agree to meet Bianca. Miss Scott is still getting her head around the situation so she asked Heath to leave them alone together, she wanted to figure out Jess’s motivation. She doesn’t want money, just for Heath to be involved in the baby’s life. Bianca is devastated to hear that Heath told her about Rocco’s death when they slept together. She asked him to leave the bedsit so he went into Casey for a chat.

Casey is on Adam’s trail, trying to get him to testify. Ricky wants to help him, but can’t face seeing her bro again. Nate left her to make up her mind, he thinks she’s still into Brax. Casey faced him down on the inside and Adam wants something from Casey. In exchange for testifying for Brax, Adam wants Casey to go and find Jamie, he drives a hard bargain but as he tried to turn the screw Ricky turned up and said that this time, he’d have to play by her rules.





4 responses to “Complications”

  1. coppertop Avatar

    Did not like the episode. The directing was shocking! Adam has been getting some good tucker in the jail. Zero chemistry between Hannah and Andrew. He is a complete eejit. How did the writers ever think of putting them together?!
    I hope Casey gets to meet his bug-eyed match Jamie soon. Love Jamie. Great actor.

  2. coppertop Avatar

    Also what was Evelyn wearing?! Those shorts were brutal.

  3. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Avatar

    Coppertop, you beat me to it! Was just about to comment on how well Adam’s clearly being fed in there…

    While Evie’s shorts were brutal that floppy belly top was even worse. State of her.

  4. ailsastewart Avatar

    That outfit reminded me a bit of Hannah from Girls. Home and Away Hannah is a dope for going anywhere near Andy!

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