Bumps and Braxtons

So Heath’s buck’s night barmaid is up the duff, and Bianca is none too impressed. That’ll pass though. Our money’s on a Braxton adoption.

Sasha bowed out of the captaincy race at the last minute, and non-candidate Matt won the male contest. Perhaps he and Tamara could become an item. It has been commented that he is an Aden-type character, so he’ll probably come good in no time.

There was some amazing line-crossing between Marilyn and John, in which she thought he was going to propose, when really he was trying to source a beau for Irene. Ah bless.

Casey and Ricky are off to visit Adam, and plead him to help Brax’s case. Caution advised.





2 responses to “Bumps and Braxtons”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    I’m looking forward to hearing Adam’s super-OTT bad guy voice again. He’s such a scenery chewer.

    I think the actress playing Preggers Barmaid might actually be preggers IRL. That bump looks real and she walks like a 9 month pregnant person. Maybe she’ll go into labour on set and there’ll be an amazing H&A-meets-real world meta moment.

  2. Belle Avatar

    Scenery chewer?! Yeah I reckon she’s up the duff with that waddle on her

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