Grilling me like a cheese sandwich

John was simultaneously accommodating Harvey and avoiding Roo’s questions; until she barged up to his house and told her husband to leave the Bay and leave everyone in peace. Good advice.

Sasha’s run for school captain got off to a bad start; Matt and the other students drowned out her speech by chanting Tamara’s name instead. Not since the days of Kirsty and Jade have students been so passionate about school politics.

Denny was about to leave the Bay when Evelyn demanded a tete-a-tete. They’ll be devoted sisters before you can say “strike me flamin’ handsome”.

3 thoughts on “Grilling me like a cheese sandwich”

  1. I really don’t like Evelyn. Can she leave soon please?
    I didn’t think it was possible but Oscar looks even older than Middle-Aged Spence. I think it’s the shirt being fully buttoned up doing it. Makes his head look very weird.

  2. It does. Oska as they pronounce it does not look well in a uniform. He looks the same age as his uncle.

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