Alf’s aces high

There was a girlie night in aid of Roo at the caravan park. All of the Bay’s female population were there along with Alf who cleaned up at the poker table. Roo was temporarily distracted by the fun but she’s still having a hard time adjusting to his absence.

Harvey is hanging out in John’s house, or should I say hiding out. Spencer went over for a talk, trying to get him to come back to his wife but he wasn’t budging. He wants to leave the Bay but Roo isn’t willing to go. This is an insurmountable problem. She called over to John’s and asked him for a divorce.

Kyle let Tamara off easy for her final shift at Angelo’s. Then he called over to Phoebe’s caravan for a jam and a flirt. He told her he feels he belongs in the Bay and is happy to be a Braxton. He tried to kiss her which caused her to call it a night. What is she up to? I don’t really understand why she is sticking around town, unless it’s just an attempt to win Kyle back.

Sasha has decided she wants to become school captain, it’s a great idea, she is a leader of men and women. I would vote for her. Spencer is going to help, maybe he’ll be her campaign manager/press officer, the Alastair Campbell to her Tony Blair.





11 responses to “Alf’s aces high”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    What was the weird role April was going for in school the time she got addicted to the pep pills & had a meltdown? It was like school captain but more specifically academic & had a really weird name.

  2. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    It was dux of the school or something like that for April
    Hurry up and leave harve, had enough of his carry on also maybe phoebe with the permanent smoky eye will release her cd ‘all or nothing’ in aid of the Braxton’s

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    DUX OF THE SCHOOL! That was madness. Have they had once since? Of course not.

    I am genuinely perplexed by Harvey. What happened to him?

  4. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Sasha for President! Not sure about Spence being her campaign manager though, no recent mention of his bi polar or did he go back on the meds. Haha Cantstandxavier, I was admiring the smoky eye last night, the green is lovely but yeah considering they all get up about about 6am its prob a bit heavy for daytime look. Can Montgomery come back and blow up the farmhouse pleaseeeeeeeeee!!

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    Spencer NEARLY mentioned it in his heart-to-heart with Harve, more of an allusion.

  6. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Hey guys,

    Ok, this is going a few episodes back but did anyone notice how when Dex and Indi etc. lived at the farm, they always drove everywhere, which suggests it’s a reasonable distance from the magical land of the Diner and the Surf Club, but now that the twins live there, they seem to walk everywhere? I remember Zack asking if they wanted a lift to Yabbie Creek a few episodes ago and they said no…wouldn’t that be a fair walk?? Or is there a bus we don’t know about (not run by John and Marilyn?!)

    I’m probably over-interpreting this but I did think it was interesting that they seemed to get to Yabbie Creek without a car.

  7. gillian Avatar

    i think they get the bus, its just not mentioned that much.

  8. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Avatar

    The thing that’s been perplexing me lately is how Ricky hasn’t done a photoshoot (or any other type of work) in ages. Hospitalisation aside, surely she needs to earn her keep?

  9. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    @Summer_Babe, Interestingly enough (Haha not) Zak mentioned to Dinny (e) that it was very far away when she was stressing about Oscar coming to meet her, he said ” they will be a while as its very far away” (*I may have used my own words here)

  10. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Much as I love Kyle, this whole singing thing with Phoebe is embarrassing to watch.
    They should just have left Harvey missing at sea.

  11. Ailsa Avatar

    Yeah, not sure how Ricky is earning her keep. It’s not as if The Boise have loads of cash to give her. No wonder she’s turning to Dr. Nate.

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