Girls Night In 2014

Sasha, Marilyn and Roo decided to have a girls’ night for Roo as she is so head-wrecked over Harvey. I’d say Marilyn is the queen of girls’ nights. While the ladies were boosting morale, Harvey was rowing with Chris and showing up at John’s, looking for a place to stay.

Does anyone know what happened to Harvey? He was stuck alone on a boat/island? This is a very extreme reaction.

Oscar met up with Denny and they got on grand. Evelyn is refusing contact.





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  1. coppertop Avatar

    Haaaavey is getting as annoying as Maddening Maddie now. The twins are also head wrecks. Evelyn reminds me of Bobby back in the day. She is full of anger.
    Chris is seriously growing on me. I love new Action Hero Chris. He’ll take any man down!

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