Sniper snared

Fair play to you Heathcliff Braxton, you fairly caught the Sniper red-handed. There, she was, shlipping the phone she used to detonate the bomb into some poor unsuspecting child’s locker. Anyway, Leah is on to her too, so it was only a matter of time before the truth came to light.

Is there a police work-to-rule on in Yabbie Creek or something? The local residents have resorted to solving their own crimes. Zach, Hannah, Casey and Tamara sought out the kidnapped kids without anyone asking law enforcement for help. Renegades. They found Evelyn, Oscar and Kyle half-dead from oxygen deprivation, but two minutes later sure they were grand. No need to take them to hospital, or call the ambos, noooooo that’s not the Summer Bay renegade way. Anyway, as it turned out, topless Dr. Nate was hanging out Chez Braxton.

There was a distinct lack of orange jumpsuits at the bomb site. Alf seemed to be the only regular who bothered.

Harvey is not saying much about his ordeal; maybe he went on a bender and is only coming around now.





3 responses to “Sniper snared”

  1. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Was like an episode of Criminal Minds, especially with Casey code breaking, Tam on the laptop and Zak recognising a train whistle!
    Is that Brax gone then??? Dr Topless is a bit of a beefcake isn’t he.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Totes, we were commenting on that ourselves. He hides those muscles well by day.

    Yeah the train whistle stuff was amazing, luckily there was only one container yard near a train line or they would have been goners.

  3. coppertop Avatar

    So lucky Ails! I don’t think the word ‘train’ has ever been mentioned in any episode of Home and Away before that one. After sharing half a bottle of water each they were all grand. No need for an aul drip or anything. Looks like Ricky has forgotten about Brax as soon as she saw the ripped Dr. Accent. Gawd he’s hot!

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