Special cuddles

After breaking up with Ricky yesterday, Brax broke up with the boys today. He told them he’s getting transferred but won’t tell them where so they can’t visit, they’ll have to get on with their lives. He wants them to keep an eye on Ricky and help her out. She had planned to move out but the boys want her to stay, the baby won’t have a dad but will have 3 live-in uncles. Is that the end of Brax?  I’m surprised he didn’t go down in a blaze of gunfire, killed by Adam or a mate of Hammer.

Nate was planning to leave the Bay and head back to the city. Irene heard this and asked him to stay as they need a good doctor, which is very true given the amount of injuries and disasters that occur. He was flattered by her request and agreed to hang around, didn’t take much to change his mind.

Some new character appeared and stripped off in front of John. She’s called Phoebe and seems to be a bit of a wild child and she knows Kyle, she jumped into his arms, much to Tamara’s annoyance. It’s been a week or two since so broke up with Casey so it’s about time she got a new Braxton boyfriend, with Brax in prison and Heath married it’s going to have to be Kyle.

What happened to John and Marilyn’s bus tour business? They haven’t talked about that in a while. She managed to persuade him to help out at the music festival, can’t wait to see what outfit she wears to it. Even Heath has volunteered to help as it will keep Bianca happy and when she’s happy he gets “special cuddles”.

5 thoughts on “Special cuddles”

  1. Wait, remember when John met his long lost daughter or something ages ago? What the heck happened to that storyline? I’m very out of date at the moment, mainly cos I can’t bear Maddie, Josh and co. SAPPING THE WILL TO LIIIVE!

  2. Good memory, strikemeroan! Completely forgot about that. BTTB tells me that Shandi was his long lost daughter who we met twice. The first was a con artist whose real name was Daria who got involved with Will and was somehow involved with Penn’s death…

    He then met the real Shandi afterwards but she didn’t want to keep in touch as it would have been disloyal to the man who raised her.

    That’s bringing back some memories.

  3. Oh how good is today’s episode!
    Montgomery is eviler than ever planting the bomb in Beeyonka’s laptop bag. Question though, she’s a science teacher; couldn’t she just have made her own bomb instead of leaving a trail of evidence by buying it?
    Oscar’s dancing is amazing. A few scenes I even watched again, filtering out everything but him dancing.
    But the best part was the return of the fairy lights for the next levelness of Madds and Josh!

  4. When you see fairy lights it only means one thing in the Bay. I’m surprised Alfred wasn’t on hand to give out to the hooligans and make sure they didn’t burn the place down.

  5. I’m impressed that he was able to rig up the fairy lights in a tent. Were they battery-operated?

    Agreed re the hilarity of Oscar’s dance moves. Up there with Drunk Casey.

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