So…you’re offering me a transfer?

Dr. Accent has the most stilted phone manner. In any case, he was offered a transfer by “Dr. Simon”, just as he is falling for Ricky. She went to visit Brax, and he told her not to visit anymore. Go live your life, sez he. You would think that was the perfect moment for her to announce “Oi, I’m pregnant”, but no. Everyone in Summer Bay is a mega martyr. They are all terrified to burden anyone else with their problems.

So, what will happen next? One of the Boyz will tell Brax about Ricky’s predicament, he’ll have a change of heart, but it will be too late, as Ricky will have taken comfort in the arms of the good Doctor.

There was something about Maddie in that episode, but I can’t be sure what because zzzzzzzzzz…

Storylines in the Bay aren’t very gripping of late. The cult fizzled away to nothing, and even the fact that Harvey is MIA didn’t get much of a reaction. If he really is dead, that’s the worst end to a character I’ve seen. The cops didn’t even call around to inform Roo. Suspicious…





5 responses to “So…you’re offering me a transfer?”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Mads and Josh walking back and forth continually throughout Summer Bay talking utter rubbish… aren’t they supposed to be at school?

    Actually, for the first time in my entire 10 years of Home and Away viewing, I skipped a scene. The one where they are walking on the beach, zzzzzzzzz…

  2. coppertop Avatar

    The episodes are getting worse and worse. I could see Tedious Tamara giving Kyle the glad eye again. I hope Kyle gives her the elbow when she starts making a play for him again.

  3. Conor Avatar

    Sasha hasn’t killed anyone in a while. At this stage, it’s the only thing that can spice up the storylines

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    Oh my gawdfather, they really are. Where did Montgomery go? Bring her back, we need a baddie.

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