Harvey’s in heaven

It looks like Harvey has graduated from cast member to wall of death member. Roo said that she had to face up to the fact that he’s not coming back. She threw some flower’s into the sea so that’s it for him. Can’t say he was my favourite character but this was one of the funniest moments in years.

Maddy dumped Josh for covering for Andy when she went to report him to YCPD.  Josh dumped his brother for forcing him to cover for him.  Now that he doesn’t have his brother dragging him back he is free to get back with Maddy, which they both seemed happy about.

Ricky got a breakfast time visit from Dr Accent. He offered her half a danish in exchange for an agreement that she come for a check up.  He got her into the hospital for a scan which convinced her that she’s going to have to tell Brax about the baby. Once he finds out about it he’ll probably try to break out of jail so he can be with Ricky and the baby.

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