Farming and flirting

Hannah, Zac and the kids are going to rent the farmhouse. This is a pretty stupid idea given they have just started kissing, they’re going to try and keep their feelings under control, for the sake of the kids. They’ll have to take lots of cold showers.

Kyle and Ricky went to visit Brax and Kyle tried to tell him about her flirting with Dr. Accent. How long before the two of them get into a full blown affair? Kyle is going to do his best to make sure that doesn’t happen, he’s like a chaperone, coming between them at every opportunity. When they got home Ricky collapsed on the floor. What if she has to be hospitalised and Dr. Accent is the only one who can help her?

Josh and Andy are having problems fitting into the bay, as are most of the Mangrove River students. They were having a great wrestle down on the pier but Maddy spoiled their fun. She’s trying to get him into the Bay way of life but he prefers to hang with his bro, causing hassle and being narky. ¬†Maddy is unimpressed but she just needs patience, he’ll come round sooner rather than later, the spirit of the Bay is infectious.

3 thoughts on “Farming and flirting”

  1. Those boys were very energetic down at the pier for one who was recently stabbed and the other shot. Magic healing powers in the bay

  2. Maddening Maddie was spray-tanned within an inch of her life. Soo orange! I hope the Boring Barrett brothers feck off and bring Tedious Tamara with them.

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