Wed and fled

After all the drama, April and Dex’s wedding passed off peacefully (despite her dress). The reception was in a barn, just like Jack and Martha’s. Thankfully, no crazy stalkers turned up.


Later on, Indi went to the gym to reflect before she left the Bay. BUT, WHY DID ALF GO THERE TOO, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?

The next day, the Walker family (except Sasha) left town. Sasha was emotional, which was understandable, because she’ll never see her family again. Such is the way in Summer Bay.

Indi’s not selling the gym, but she is relinquishing control to the Bashing Brothers Braxton. Good move?

5 thoughts on “Wed and fled”

  1. Oh well, at least the Scott-Walkers stayed the night before leaving. Will and Gypsy were gone before the party even started.
    April’s dress was horrific. Well, the bottom was ok but the top was so trailer trash. Wearing white to your church wedding but it’s almost see through. Big no!

  2. It brought to mind a certain style of wedding dress one would see on an infamous contemporary Channel 4 documentary!

  3. I thought she looked beautiful, her hair was fab was really sad watching it as she looked proper emotional doing the scenes knowing it was her annoying as she was at times. Tell me Dex will come back 🙁

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