Sasha needs a gaff

Sid has decided that since Dex and April, and Indi, are leaving town, the farm should be rented out. Sensible. However, this renders Sasha homeless, so Sid wants to take her with him to live the life of a Flying Doctor. Sasha is not impressed. Who will take her in? Or, seeing as this is Summer Bay, the question should probably be: who won’t?

Dex and April are getting married tomorrow. That is some speedy wedding.

Tamara, single for one day, tried to talk Casey into resuming their relationship. Tsk. He had the good sense to say no.

Casey is going to take on the gym. It’s going to be called Braxton’s Bulging Biceps.






3 responses to “Sasha needs a gaff”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Did Casey say he was going to buy the gym? Kyle will need to sell a helluva lot of pizzas to fund that venture.

  2. coppertop Avatar

    I think Casey wants to run the gym for Indi which in Home and Away terms means that in 3 months Casey will be called the owner of the gym and the fact that Indi and Sid own it will never be mentioned again.

  3. gillian Avatar

    how does irene support up to 3 spongers at a time on what seems to be the wage of a part time worker???

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