Dead set legend

Dump her

Chris explained to Sasha that Spencer wasn’t into Evelyn, thus saving the relationship. He then pronounced himself a dead set legend, which is a phrase I will henceforth be using daily.

Casey couldn’t make a decision for himself, so off he went to prison to visit Brax.

Dump her
Dump her, oi

Then Casey found Tamara at the farm, dumped her (if she gets back with Kyle arghhhhhhhhHHHHHH), and then Dopey Dex and April asked them to be best man and bridesmaid! The thicks. Of course, the other two thicks will go along with it and pretend to be a couple.

Finally, Jett and Nina left the barn and came back to the real world, whereupon Mr. John Palmer rightly give out yards to his adopted son.

7 thoughts on “Dead set legend”

  1. I don’t think Tamara and Kyle will get back together, I can see Tamara wanting him back but him not being interested or has moved on from her.

  2. yeah I doubt Kyle will go back there after how much she messed him about.
    I mean even when she chose to go back to Casey she couldn’t stay away from Kyle. lol Tamara really is fickle she first chooses Kyle when her memories return than 5 mins goes running back to Casey and then 5 minutes after being with Casey she is still not happy and they break up.

  3. Im sick of Tedious Tamara. I hope she goes back to her family or goes inter state. Who is she going to annoy now that she is no longer a pretend Braxton.

  4. I hope Kyle tells her to go too. We need a poll asking does anyone want Tedious Tamara in the bay.

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