The Sniper

Ok, we need to talk about this Sniper one. She is amazing. She walks around slagging off everyone and manages to keep her teaching job. Her exchange with Josh basically went like this:

You’re such a loser that your mother shot you, and she’s such a loser she missed. You come from a family of losers.

Just run-of-the-mill hate speech from your local neighbourhood teacher. Not only does she excel at sneering, she’s not too bad at sabotage either. She got that scobey young fella, Matt, to set a fire at the school, to frighten Bianca. A+ in the baddie department.

Dr. Accent must have had a day off, because he fit in a chat with Jett and Nina, a visit to the diner, a swim, and another chat with an injured Andy before teatime. You couldn’t do that and hold down a full-time job. Andy was ridiculously adamant that he couldn’t go to hospital, dunno why.

No sign of Harvey, and hope is waning in the caravan park. Will the wall of death claim yet another soul?

7 thoughts on “The Sniper”

  1. Dr Accent is just such a beautiful specimen of man. I haven’t felt like this since the time Kyle was wandering around shirtless.
    Turns out he’s from Surrey but spent the past 8yrs in New Zealand.

  2. Oh, and the Sniper is brilliant. I wonder is this why Dr Bitch left so suddenly? They couldn’t have two superbitches in it at the one time maybe? Beeyonka is only mini-Bitch these days.

  3. I preferred Dr. Bitch. Imagine the exchanges between herself and Dr. Accent. I love Dr. Accent. I got quite excited when he was in the seaside pool. They haven’t used that location for ages! Wonder will Dr. Accent make a play for overly expressive Hannah or Fringey Leah. There aren’t many single ladies in the Bay. Where is he supposed to be living anyway?! Now that there appears to be a Walker cull taking place maybe there will be a new doc on the farm.

  4. Definite contender for the “Nosey Nat” name, we only have to add an “E” to get Nosey Nate, Two minutes in the bay and he is questioning Jett about free periods and uniforms, and then onto Andy, he is dreamy though!
    Cant stop laughing at Leah in the school, “No running in the corridors” and advising the River students about how important their education is. Too easy to get a job in summer bay high, its no wonder the sniper is having doubts about Bianca’s reign as principal, wait until she finds out about Zack’s past!

  5. Where is April with her black mark jotter when you need her. She could have half a jotter full of notes on Dr. Accent by now. He is breaking all sorts of rules and doing far too much exercise.

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