Dramatic deficit

Once you get used to kidnappings, death threats and murder attempts it’s pretty hard to get used to quiet nights in with a pizza and a movie. This is the problem facing Casey and Tamara. They had a chat about their situation and discussed their scenario.  How will they get over the lack of drama? Maybe they should invent a stalker or an assassin to put a bit of spark back into their relationship.

I’m a bit worried about Jett’s diet, it seems to consist solely of chip sandwiches and pizza, that can’t be too healthy for a growing boy. Nina was hiding out in his place but John found them and he told her parents. He was due to bring her back to boarding school but he fell asleep and the kids were gone when he woke up, they’ve done a runner.

April and Dex are heading to Paris. She’s got a place in the “University of Paris” and they’re going to move over together. Once they go and Indi leaves on her travels it will mean Sasha is the only Walker left in the bay, she’ll be oh so lonely.

4 thoughts on “Dramatic deficit”

  1. Sasha will have to move in with Irene when Indi, Dex and April leave. Summa Bay House is a health and safety inspectors nightmare and Leah’s is full to capacity.
    Irene needs to have someone permanently living with her.

  2. What is going to happen Chris when Indi leaves? He has no job, no Sheila and no real friends. He has no real story. Poor Chris.

  3. Oh Coppertop, I asked the same question, I really like bad acting Chris, he kinda has the V Man appeal, I dont want any more Walkers to leave 🙁

  4. I wish the Walkers would stay. Sasha Fierce will be needed to box a few of the Mangrove River ratbags. I betcha overly expressive Hannah and the psychic twins will move into the farmhouse.

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