So many questions

Throughout that episode, I mostly asked questions. Like:

  • Where’s VJ?
  • Did Oscar really have that bad a first day at school?
  • How many people live in Leah’s? Seven apparently.
  • Why is Ricky still living in the Braxton house?
  • Who is in charge of Angelo’s? Surely not Kyle?
  • Is Montgomery the one who graffiti’d Bianca’s office?
  • How come Montgomery is allowed to treat students like dirt? No staff reviews there obviously.
  • Why did the doc allow Josh to stay at home?


6 thoughts on “So many questions”

  1. Who are the seven in Leah’s house? I can only count 6 – Leah, VJ, Tamara, Zac, Hannah and Oscar… who am I missing? 🙂

    Kyle saying he’s quitting the restaurant and being a Braxton was a bit melodramatic… I’m sure it was just to find a cliffhanger ending in the last minute, and that he’ll be back before we know it!

  2. The last two episodes have left me with a question also- Why is Oscar’s school shirt collar so tight? It looks like he borrowed Jett’s shirt.

  3. Oscar’s another one who looks too old to be a teenager. He’s not as ancient looking as Middle-Aged Spence, but passing off Hannah as his aunt is still ridic

  4. Strikemeroan you’re right there. OAP Oscar looks a lot closer in age to his aunt than his twin.

  5. Oh Summer_Babe, maybe it was only 6. I thought I counted 7 at the time.

    I think my problem with Oscar is his very-tight collar. He looks choked.

  6. Also, how come the doc got to hang around in the Brax’s for basically a day or two. No work to be doing back in the hospital? As pretty much the only doc there?

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