Josh is missing. Dr. Sexy is worried about him as he has an infection.  The Braxton’s found him on their doorstep in a bad state.  Ricky nursed him on the couch and the Doctor checked him out.  He doesn’t want to go back to hospital and Ricky thinks that’s ok, what’s wrong with her?

Summer Bay High is under siege by those unruly Mangrove River kids.  It’s up to Zac and Bianca to try and keep them under control.  Bianca wants to easy on them in a touchy feely and helping way but the Sniper thinks they should come down hard on them as discipline is all they understand. Matt Page is the name of the biggest problem kid amongst a bad bunch.  He called Bianca a slag and sprayed graffiti all over her office. Heath wanted to bash some sense into him but Bianca has other ideas.

Oscar is finding it hard to fit in, he’s worried the other kids will pick on him for having an uncle who’s a teacher.  He had a tough day and told Zac and Hannah that he’s had enough of school.  Maybe he could go back to the cult instead?

Casey brought Tamara for a candle lit date on the end of the pier to celebrate her passing her exams.  I wonder if she’ll inspire Casey to go back and sit his HSC for the umpteenth time?

2 thoughts on “Discipline”

  1. I don’t get the point of Ricky in the show now that Brax is gone. She didnt really do anything outside of going out with him. What happened to her ‘photography career’?

  2. Ricky now has a career in sticking her nose in everyones business.
    Is the actress who plays Ricky pregnant? I saw what I thought was a little bump in the scene Ricky and Heath had walking out of the surf and up the beach meeting Nate along the way.

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