Where’s Winston?

John and Marilyn’s burgeoning romance has been foiled twice; first by a rampaging Maddy, then by Banger going missing off the coast of cyclone-ridden China. Poor Roo is in bits over it.

Heath’s studies got off to a rocky start, but Dex is guiding him through the world of education. Heath is coming up with some amazing nerd-related insults, too.

Maddy and Josh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. What is the story with the new doc’s accent? Anyway, Josh did a runner from hospital.

New teacher is a super wagon, especially where Heath is concerned. Bianca is having none of it.





4 responses to “Where’s Winston?”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Yeah, what is the dealio with Dr Sexy’s accent? I thought at first he was English but I think he’s just posh – like Flathead. April soon fancies him (Dr Sexy, not Flathead)

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Heath and Dex are just a brilliant double act. Creepy farm boy was my favourite insult.
    Loving Dr Sexy. They need to keep him forever.
    Josh is credited as regular cast, not guest so will probably reappear on the beach tomorrow with a collapsed lung. April or Dr Sexy will have to shove a straw/biro between his ribs right there on the beach.
    I don’t even want to think about the fate of Banger and Winston :'(

  3. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    I sensed trouble for Harvey, when Maddy brought his name into the argument with Roo.. no one ever name drops in H&A without disaster striking! Mmm Dr Sexy and his smouldering good looks haha Justice Bellingham, can see the scene already!
    The Sniper is a funny one, Bianca will have to watch her back with that one

  4. PeterKevin Avatar

    Please please please take Maddy away. She is just the most irritating, whining, self-obsessed character ever to appear in H & A.

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