Moping and moaning

Maddy got into a row with Roo over Josh. The cops, namely a baldy cop called John, came looking for Maddy about the fire in the Mangrove River school, she doesn’t have an alibi. Roo doesn’t want Maddy to see Josh anymore so she went to see him in hospital and told him to steer clear. He took her advice and broke up with Maddy when she came to visit. Maddy isn’t very lucky in love, I’d say we’re in for another protracted period of moping and moaning.

Chris and Indi got rid of Robyn the psycho, she left town on the bus. They were very forgiving and aw her off with a “no hard feelings” goodbye. I think they were too easy on her. Indi is still a bit sad about Romeo, which is to be expected.

Jett gave John grief for not moving on with his life and telling Marilyn how he feels. John eventually got up the courage and said it to Marilyn, about effin time lads. Jett himself is doing it tough since Nina left town. Maybe he’ll fall for one of the new troubled teens from Mangrove River.





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  1. Belle Avatar

    Has anyone else noticed just how much Josh looks like Robert Pattinson of the pointy teeth fame? All brooding good looks and chiseled chin! I had truly hoped when news came through of the fire that Maddy was going to die in it. No such luck!

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